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the house still stands…

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Posted by Rebecca, July 9th, 2010

We have been chaotic the past few months and I haven’t had a chance to post anything we’ve done. I’m hoping to get this thing up and running for good very soon!

One of my posting hurdles is that we have yet to find our memory card readers in the packed-last-minute boxes. What good is a house transformation blog with no pictures?! I hope to dig them out shortly..or succumb and buy new ones.

Anywho, most of my time the next two weeks will be consumed with throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Pictures of that will be coming, but
for now I’ll share this awesome nursery I saw while browsing for shower games at They’re having a nursery decor contest and this entry immediately caught my eye…


There are more pictures here…..

It is just so unbelievably original, something no one else will ever have and most importantly, it’s fun! Sure everyone these days wants the classy, well designed baby’s room, but I think the black and white polka dots give the right amount of style. Theme rooms can sometimes be anything but stylish, but this one strikes a perfect balance of trendy and kid friendly.

Oh and I almost forgot my favorite part! The characters were hand painted by a family member, which I consider to be priceless. No mass produced item can capture the creativity and love that goes into making artwork. More about that at a later date!

good design in strange places

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Posted by Rebecca, February 10th, 2010

I recently fell in love with this tissue box from Walmart…

tissue box

If I had a daughter, I would be all over this.  I love the color scheme- it’s a mix of grays, purples, browns and creams that somehow looks wonderful together.  The graphic is simple yet so modern and sophisticated, with that little hint of whimsy that I think would be great for a kid’s room.  So often, people assume a little girl’s room has to be pink to be girly.  A little outside the box thinking could make a really unique room.

Looking at this pattern reminded me of some prints I bought from Ikea for our condo about a year ago.  They were different variations of a simple pattern….

Picture 2Unfortunately, they are no longer available from Ikea’s website for me to link.  I paired them with a frame similar to this simple matted Fjallsta frame.

ikea frame

I’m not sure of the size of the frames I have, they are currently in a storage unit with the other 90% of my belongings.  But I would say they were about a 10″x10″ square.  I then hung 3 of the prints on top of one another and placed them on a long narrow wall space we had. I absolutely loved them and plan on hanging them again in our new house.

I am wondering if there are other variations of this tissue box scheme.  But even on it’s own or the same image multiplied by 3, it would look great with a cream colored mat and a dark brown frame.  Using a mats and great frames arranged in multiples can make even the most ordinary image into a piece of art.  Why not get artwork for the price of a tissue box!

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