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baby steps


Posted by Rebecca, October 25th, 2010

I am completely exhausted from last week and this weekend, so I just don’t have the energy to write about all the things I planned to right now.  But since I am a blogaholic, I just dragged myself out of bed to take pictures of some (very little) office progress.

We finally moved our large Ikea Expedit bookcase into the room, here’s a lil peek since it’s full of clutter right now…

Hey there’s me in my pink pajama pants! The piggy bank is from Target a few years ago and Mike laughed at me for buying it.  It got a little banged up during the move, but I had to include him. I seriously took a pile of random stuff from my desk and stuck it in one of the cubbies until we get some more storage….

We stuck the printer on top of the bookcase for now, but it’s probably not staying there.  It makes the bookcase a little top heavy and though we’re probably going to bolt that thing into the wall, the printer will probably be more functional if lower. We got the little linen storage bin from Lowe’s this weekend, but that level isn’t staying in there 🙂

I’m currently using the other linen bin to store my camera stuff on one of our shelves.  Yes that still has a tag on it.  Apparently we do that a lot until we’re sure we want to keep things.

And we started putting together our other Expedit bookcase.

Now my pink pajama pants and I are crawling back into bed! 🙂

office progress


Posted by Rebecca, October 6th, 2010

Monday night we managed to put our two new desks together, despite the fact that we purchased the wrong legs and had to go BACK TO IKEA AGAIN. Last night we (or rather Mike) put our 4 shelves up. Our soon to be organized space has almost all of it’s basics, besides a bookcase or two. Now for the challenging, makes-me-scratch-my-head part of making it look like ours!

Ikea expert

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Posted by Rebecca, October 4th, 2010

Darwin helping with the office makeover.  He was adopted, so it is quite possible that he has some Swedish roots….

a very Ikea weekend


Posted by Rebecca, October 3rd, 2010

This weekend we planned to enjoy the fall weather, maybe take a few pictures locally and get some small things done around the house.  On Saturday morning, I walked into our office to print something for my sister and law and this is what I saw…. (cue the horror movie music)

Not that I didn’t know this catastrophe existed, but I guess it’s just been bothering me more lately since this is my desk….

Yes.  There is no glass in that frame.  And my husband has been using it to store a bunch of empty boxes from things we have ordered.  So since my physical ‘desk’ is that, I tend to take my laptop and sit myself here, in the timeout chair…

While Mike sits here….

Now we’re both to blame for this mess.  The office has been a very neglected portion of our house, mainly because we had such big dreams for it.  The room is probably my favorite in the house… it has the bay window, french doors and loads of light.

Because it has doors that can be closed, it has become the “keep things from the cats” area.  So it stores tools…

And failed design projects, such as this large mirror from our condo I planned to hang over the fireplace…

And as far as storage, we had this piece of furniture left over from our condo, which I am fully to blame for cluttering…

Now the office is mostly Mike’s space, he spends hours in there each day so I wanted to make sure he got the dream office he always wanted.  I use my laptop and got used to having it on my lap while we lived with my in-laws, so I didn’t miss having a desk until I recently went back to school and started this gig.  Our original idea was to someday do custom cabinetry, where Mike could have an L shaped desk and I would get an extended portion of one end.  We even went so far as to sit down with some cabinet designers at Lowe’s who came up with this…

We planned to do some dark wood cabinets with my favorite countertops, the Eco ones from Cosentino.  However when we got the estimate, it came out to be a small fortune.  But we knew it was an investment and with all of the work Mike does, we wanted it to suit our needs.

Turns out we had another pressing project to put our money towards.  Next week we will be getting hardwood floors in our upstairs hallway and bedroom, as well as adding a wall up there.  More about that later, but we decided to put the office project on the back burner for a year or so.  Until yesterday morning…

When I was attempting to print, sitting in my timeout chair, a little light blub went off in my head.  I knew we needed more storage, so I told Mike that we should go to Ikea to get one of the Expedit bookcases I’ve loved for years.  I knew it would fit nicely inbetween our desks and we would get some much needed storage.

So Saturday afternoon it was off to Ikea.  We picked up this bookcase and headed home.  Fast forward to this morning, when Mike had the idea to just get two desks, which would face each other.  We bounced ideas off of each other and ran back to Ikea.  We found a bunch of things that would work for us, but they were out of some of the pieces.  So we ran to yet another Ikea, the third location in 24 hours.  Luckily they had everything we needed to finally organize our office… for a very small fraction of the price of cabinetry.

I’m actually more excited about this spontaneous change of plans then I was for the original one.  I’m always up for a challenge and in the end I guess we took our own office advice…

To be continued, office!

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