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unfocused Monday


Posted by Rebecca, December 6th, 2010

I have the attention span of a gnat tonight.  Here are my random thoughts…

A rare daytime photo snapped before work this morning.  I just had to show you the new shades in the light!

All you need in life….

I picked up a can of brown and white spray paint.  I am tempted to run around the house and find things to paint but it’s 10:30 and….

I am tired from playing with these all night…

I figured December 6th is late enough to at least start making some holiday decorations.  We’re planning on getting a tree this weekend.

A sneak peek of my ornament creation…

I’ll tell you aaaall about it tomorrow since I’m tired, cranky and I have glitter all over my face.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate glitter?? Hate it. All you need is one piece on your nose and it annoys you all day.  And I currently have it all over my pajamas…..

‘Til tomorrow kids 🙂

baby steps


Posted by Rebecca, October 25th, 2010

I am completely exhausted from last week and this weekend, so I just don’t have the energy to write about all the things I planned to right now.  But since I am a blogaholic, I just dragged myself out of bed to take pictures of some (very little) office progress.

We finally moved our large Ikea Expedit bookcase into the room, here’s a lil peek since it’s full of clutter right now…

Hey there’s me in my pink pajama pants! The piggy bank is from Target a few years ago and Mike laughed at me for buying it.  It got a little banged up during the move, but I had to include him. I seriously took a pile of random stuff from my desk and stuck it in one of the cubbies until we get some more storage….

We stuck the printer on top of the bookcase for now, but it’s probably not staying there.  It makes the bookcase a little top heavy and though we’re probably going to bolt that thing into the wall, the printer will probably be more functional if lower. We got the little linen storage bin from Lowe’s this weekend, but that level isn’t staying in there 🙂

I’m currently using the other linen bin to store my camera stuff on one of our shelves.  Yes that still has a tag on it.  Apparently we do that a lot until we’re sure we want to keep things.

And we started putting together our other Expedit bookcase.

Now my pink pajama pants and I are crawling back into bed! 🙂

a taste of new

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Posted by Rebecca, October 12th, 2010

Here’s a tiny glimpse into what we’ve been busy with. More to come once the project is finished! Please ignore the dirty (new!) floors…

office progress


Posted by Rebecca, October 6th, 2010

Monday night we managed to put our two new desks together, despite the fact that we purchased the wrong legs and had to go BACK TO IKEA AGAIN. Last night we (or rather Mike) put our 4 shelves up. Our soon to be organized space has almost all of it’s basics, besides a bookcase or two. Now for the challenging, makes-me-scratch-my-head part of making it look like ours!

Ikea expert

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Posted by Rebecca, October 4th, 2010

Darwin helping with the office makeover.  He was adopted, so it is quite possible that he has some Swedish roots….

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