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Posted by Rebecca, June 24th, 2013

Hey everyone!

Dropping in to say hello and share a guest post I wrote for the Breastfeeding Diaries series over at The Girl In The Red Shoes 2 weeks ago. I know, I’m awful for not sharing sooner.


I usually don’t talk about boobs around here, but breastfeeding is hard work and if I can help someone else along the way, I’m going to.

I’ve been working full time for the month of June, plus late hours and even last weekend. Easton has been staying up until 9 or later most nights so that I get some quality time with him, which means I’ve barely had time to shower before its time for me to hit the hay. Our house is currently a land of weeds and unfolded laundry. Hardly blog worthy. Mike and I keep reminding ourselves that we are just two people holding down 3 jobs, so it is okay.

But, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 4 more days of working full time then I go back to 30 hours a week. I give those of you who work full time and manage to not eat cereal for dinner several times a week major credit. Also, please tell me how you take your coffee and how many ounces per day I should be consuming.

I miss this place and I miss you guys.

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13 Responses to “Guest Posting”

  1. Marie says:

    good luck! I really have to put myself on a caffeine allowance when crunch time comes or I’d be drinking the stuff 24/7 🙂 How did you find an employer that is okay with 30hrs? All my recent job offers are FTE (salaried) or expect FTE availability with part time pay.

    • Rebecca says:

      I had to ask for it, it is not common at my job. First I asked to work from home part of the week and it just was never approved. I’m at 75% now, so my salary and vacation were reduced. One of my agreements was that I’d work full-time during our peak time, which is now.

  2. Elisa says:

    Super mama!

    And you’re right, breastfeeding is hard work! You’re doing great with a super cute dude to show for it (love the Instagram updates!)

  3. I’m tired just reading that! Good luck! And get some rest when you’re done!

  4. Tawny says:

    We have a 3month old and both work full time, baby just started daycare this week. Holy Mommy guilt Batman. Anyway this is our routine.

    4:30am I get up and head to the gym
    5:15am My husband wakes up and gets ready for work
    5:45am I get home and we both wake the baby
    6am Husband feeds and changes the baby while I shower and pack lunches.
    6:50am Head to daycare


    5:30pm Pick up baby
    5:45pm Home -baby plays and coos while we prep her dinner and ours. If she needs to eat right away my husband takes over baby duty while I cook, then we take turns eating. After all that is taken care of – I take over baby duty and my husband goes to the gym.

    We usually put baby down for the night by 9pm and we collpase around 10:30pm. We do chores during her naps on the weekend.

    I am tired but over the moon happy. 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Tawny- I am exhausted just reading that. God bless you two for going to the gym! I’ve been telling myself I’ll wake up an hour early to work out for months and haven’t mustered the strength!

      When I first went back to work, I started my days at 4:30 am. Looking back I have no idea how I did it, but at the time it didn’t feel hard. You just do what you gotta do 🙂

  5. Kathrine C. says:

    Hi! I’m also breastfeeding. I went back to work after a week of giving birth. Well yeah, I missed sleeping 9-10hours a day! Things have changed but the new experience is really priceless. Good luck to us moms!

  6. Ceci says:

    If you feel guilty about it, then why do it? I’d feel guilty too. 🙁

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