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Posted by Rebecca, October 29th, 2010

Thursdays and Friday, mostly Fridays, are my hardest days to post.  Not for lack of ideas, but lack of time.  Mike tells me it’s okay to take more than a day off, but I just can’t!  I have far too much to say.

Case in point… today after work I had to grab some things from Target, which happens to be near West Elm.  I knew I was tight on time but I had to run in.  It was full of adorable things today, including this guy

I know that owls have been done, then done, and done again…. especially for kid’s rooms.  But I just love them.  I think it goes with my love of all things rustic, woodsy, dark tones, plus they add that little bit of whimsy.  He was only $9, which was cheap compared to the other things I was eyeing up, so I decided to get him to feed the hunger.

He’s pretty lonely up there right now…

Okay by pretty, I mean very lonely…

I figured the fact that he was white would help balance all of the black in the room.  Once the place is painted, he will look so nice and clean up there.  Plus we found another white element to add to the room, but I’ll fill you in on that if it all works out 🙂

(Good news! I just went to link from the website and there are TWO sizes of owls! And they have free shipping! Guess who will be getting a buddy….)

Some other things I was eyeing up at West Elm today…

Paper Mache Bird, $10… I liked that this one was made of paper with writing on it.  Very office appropriate.  But I thought two different kinds of birds might not get along..

KraftSilver Flower Stems, $14 for a set of 3… They had a cute little wooden vase that went with them, but I have a bunch of vases I could have used.  Though I love flower alternatives, I thought they were a little pricey for paper.  Maybe I could try to make them myself? Sara?? 🙂

Twig Tree, $69 for a large one… they had the smaller one in the store, but I wish there was a medium sized one.  $69 is a lot, though I loved how the trees were made of these sort of interlocking twigs.  Plus they’d go with my pre-existing, non-traditional, woodsy christmas decor.

And finally…

2×2 Console Desk, $299… mmm future art room…but I’m pretty sure Ikea has a less expensive version.

See ya soon (probably very soon…) West Elm!

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