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Celebrity Houses, Brother!


Posted by Michael, July 7th, 2011

Some celebrity homes went up (or stayed up with a price reduction) for sale this week. I believe if we all pool our pennies together, we might – MIGHT – just be able to purchase one of these.


First up is a self proclaimed Colonial and French style home taking up just about 6,000 square feet and sits on more than six acres of land in Greenwich, Connecticut. Drool. It features a tennis court, a swimming pool and a gazebo. I’m in!

The house itself sports four bedrooms and get this – eight bathrooms. Eight!

We have 2.5 bathrooms now and I still find myself struggling to decide which one to use every day.

I’m not much a fan of the flooring nor carpeting going up these stairs, but the trim is outstanding.  I love that the bannister really pops against the white, too.

The house? It’s going for a cool $3.8 million bucks. It was last listed for $5.9 million in 2008. Pssh, I guess I need to get myself on Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Dude.  This patio ceiling?  Awesome.  I can do without my grandmother’s outdoor furniture, though.

Oh look how creative I am. I mentioned a show the owner was once the host on! Yes, this house is owned by Regis Philbin – though he hasn’t lived in it for several years choosing to instead rent it out.

And now on to the next one!

Recognize the house?

Five years ago, this house was listed for $25 million. It never sold so it went off the market. Last summer, it was listed again but for $10.9 million. That’s more than half off! But once again, it never sold. And it’s listed once again for a reduced $9.2 million.

This bad boy is located just 35 minutes outside of Tampa and overlooks an Intracoastal Waterway and Clearwater Harbor. I’ll take it!

The home has five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms (whaaaat). It has a full gym and recreation room. The house has an awesome pool with several waterfalls (drool) and two docks on the water for my, err anyone’s boating needs.

Wood work and those beams are awesome.  But that thing over the fireplace?  Hmm.

Start eating your vitamins and saying your prayers and cheat on your wife to afford this house! Or Hollywood Hulk Hogan (this is his house, just in case you didn’t catch on yet) might just unleash his 24 inch pythons on you!

Speaking of bad boys, Diddy’s house is up for sale, too! This Alpine, New Jersey (Jersey! Holla!) home is 17,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 9 full bathrooms. At least Diddy has his bedroom to bathroom ratio relatively normal.

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