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Goal Setting 2012- Blog Edition


Posted by Rebecca, January 23rd, 2012

Last week, I listed some goals we’d like to achieve as far as house projects go. After I wrote that post, I realized how many goals I have for this lil bloggy that deserve some of my time. So hey, why not another list?!

1. Complete Casa Tour

I started assembling a bunch of pictures from when the house was being built and where it is now, but it quickly got overwhelming with trying to add to it, while going to school and writing posts. Now that I have a little more time, I need to finish it.

2. Make everything easier to navigate

One of my pet peeves is that my archives and categories lists are incredibly long over there. I’m not sure how to tackle making everything more user friendly (Mike, are you reading? Help?), but I’m thinking a drop down menu and being a little more conscious of how Mike and I categorize posts are a good start. Like realizing that I started an “outdoor space” category and Mike started an “outdoors” category. Whoops…

3. Add a list of our personal favorite projects

The current list we have over there on the right is a list of ‘Most Popular Posts’ that WordPress provides. It counts popularity as the posts that are most commented on, but we’d like to have a list of posts we like the most, complete with pretty thumbnails 🙂

4. Add a Macky & Co button

Since we started our other, more personal blog we haven’t added any way for you guys to find it easily. We want to find a way to integrate it so that you know it’s ours and can check for updates without us having to tell you we posted or be obnoxious.

5. Prettier design!

The most important part and the part I’ve wanted to do for a good 6 months. I have no clue what I want to do with this part and this is pretty much why I haven’t accomplished numbers 1-4. I can come up with design ideas for pretty much any other discipline, but I cannot translate into website design. Mike always asks me to find some inspiration pictures or write down what I want since he designed our current layout, but I can’t visualize these things. I definitely want the current header gone and a cleaner look, but as far as colors, fonts, patterns and navigation… I am clueless.

Now that Mike ditched the full-time gig, I’m hoping he has a little more time to set aside to fix some of these things ::wink wink:: I patiently waited for him to have some more time and it would be nice to get this place in order before the baby comes. You know, like nesting 🙂

Casa Tour!


Posted by Rebecca, July 25th, 2011

Aaaand I’m back! I’m not going to lie, it’s been a rough, rough week. Having a sick kitten is not at all fun and is an emotional rollercoaster. We’re doing much better with the routine and we go back to the vet for a second round of chemo tomorrow night.

By some sort of miracle, I finished my summer classes this weekend. Which means I have no school for the next 6 weeks! I had high hopes for the house and the blog these 6 weeks, but with a sick kitty I’m not sure how much I will actually get done. I decided to get started while I had this free night and get a Casa Tour page going up there on the navigation bar. This is a long time coming, but I figured I’d add a room every day this week until I get it (mostly) done.

So today? We’ll start with the room we spend the most time in (and I’m currently in), the family room! Here’s a little reminder of where it is in our floorplan

I’ll be covering the eat-in area too, so that is why it has that funny smiley face on it. When I was in college I worked at Chili’s and I made that smiley face on every check. It felt right to associate it with food.

Anyway, the eat-in area!

You like those flowers I put there? They’re from our very own hydrangea and are the first flowers I’ve trimed from it 🙂

Directly off of the kitchen/eat-in area is the family room.

Our media center, which still needs to be styled but is complete with wedding photo on the tv (it was just good timing, it was a slideshow playing on apple tv)

Fireplace with mosaic tile surround and we still need to hang the curtains we bought on these windows!

And our beloved old couch and chair, the first major purchase we made in our condo. We didn’t have a tv, so we didn’t sit on them really for a year. We have since made up for that time and we desperately want to replace them with a better fitting sectional. Probably sooner rather than later.

Tada, that’s the family room! Now I’m off to add these pictures to my new tour. Not sure what I’ll share next. The kitchen is the logical choice but since we have to go to the vet tomorrow, I can’t promise it will be dish free. Maybe I’ll be random and bounce around the house 🙂

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