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Baby Swagg


Posted by Rebecca, January 12th, 2012

My husband finally joined Pinterest after trolling my account for months. One of his very few boards is titled “Baby Swagg”, which literally cracked me up when I saw it. He’s sitting on Pinterest pinning baby items and still pretending he’s Jay-Z…

Speaking of Jay-Z and the giant elephant on the internet… his baby with Beyonce, I spotted a picture of the crib they chose for their little Blue Ivy (Ivy Blue? BIC? Whatever they’re calling her these days). It’s made of lucite and costs $3,500.

(via NurseryWorks)

I’m kinda not getting it. I’m not a big fan of lucite to begin with, so it’s definitely not my style. Though I can appreciate how the brightly colored sheet appears to be floating in this picture…

(via NurseryWorks)

We did decide on a crib and I was going to give you the play by play of our decision, but I’m dying (cue the drama) of carpal tunnel pain at the moment and I think the story is a little too wordy for me tonight. So instead! I shall leave you with pictures of the famed Beyonce birthing room.

(via TMZ)

Now, I’m not one to care for celebrity rumors. Sure I’ll read them, but I didn’t think any differently of Beyonce and Jay-Z with all of the stories floating around because they were simply…just stories. I wasn’t there, so who I am to judge?

The hospital has supposedly confirmed that these are pictures of the executive birthing suite that is available to anyone willing to pay. Uhh how do I get me one of these? You know, without selling my house.

(via TMZ)

I think it would be easier for me to give birth if I had some beautiful furnishings to look at, don’t you? Maybe I’ll go play the lottery 🙂

All of the Books, All of the Books


Posted by Michael, July 12th, 2011

Several weeks ago (who am I kidding, several months ago (we just didn’t tell you)), we began decorating our television media console furniture thing with books. The console has a very dark stain and consists of several rectangles — a library or bookshelf feel. It screamed PUT BOOKS ON ME! several times while we were watching (or obsessing over) Dexter.

But the thing is, I’m not really a book reader – and neither is Rebecca – so what could we possibly put on this thing? I’ve read two or three books, in full, maybe in the last decade.

And one of those might have just been an audio book, too.

I began searching Google and Amazon for queries such as ‘all time classic books’ and ‘must own books’ which gave me a great starting point. Most of the books presented I certainly recognized (probably because I saw the movie-adaptation) so I quickly added them to my shopping cart. They were DIRT cheap since I only added used books mainly from Goodwill stores across the country.

The first batch of books came and we started to organize and decorate with them. Sure they were great, but being we were not readers, they were only decorations and they didn’t hold much meaning for us. The smart thing would have been to pick up those books and start reading, right?

Nope.  Instead I opted to buy more books!

I started to look for used books that could at least potentially hold my interest: sports. And specifically, the New York Yankees. I quickly picked up several great and relatively new books, too: Selena Robert’s ‘A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez’ aka ‘Arod: Steroids’, Buster Olney’s ‘The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty’ and ‘The Yankee Years’ by Joe Torre.

And so here is my little corner of books that I can actually speak about! Or at least bullshit about the contents of the book.  Hey, I’m just being honest.

The other day, Rebecca began moving some books on top of the mantle when we put the new mirror on the wall. Suddenly, our media console was lacking books. She then gave me the nod to order more books. And once again, I began searching like mad for used books. I filled my cart up with maybe 8 or 9 books when I thought back about my Yankee books. I once again was adding books to my cart only for decoration.

So I began searching for books on another topic that I’m very passionate about: lyrics and music. Being that I co-manage a great music community focused around lyrics (cheap plug), how great would it be to house some music or lyric related books? I quickly found some used (and cheap!) lyric books from artists such as Sting, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. I also ordered some non-lyric music books, too – Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ and Kanye’s ‘Thank You and You’re Welcome’. They’re all on their way this week!

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