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Treating the Windows


Posted by Rebecca, November 14th, 2011

The day has finally come. Tonight, Mike and I ordered real shades to replace the paper shades in our bedroom.

I know, it’s been a year and a half since we moved in. It’s been a year since we added those french doors and accompanying wall and they’re still not even primed. Well last week, we decided to change that before the end of the year. We figured we’d at least get some paint on the walls and get real blinds before the baby comes. Because let’s face it, once 2012 hits we’ll be working on a nursery and we won’t care about our embarassing paper blinds. Which can grow to be even more embarassing when we’re up at all hours in the middle of the night and our bedroom is illuminating the whole neighborhood….

We’re not planning on doing an entire bedroom makeover, we’re just getting the basics that we should have had from day one and we’re basically making the room more cozy and easier to sleep in. We haven’t decided on a paint color yet, but it will probably be something neutral since we have 2 different colored duvets to rotate between and not much else planned. So we decided to go with some basic white roman shades from JCPenney.

JCPenney Cotton Roman Shade

They don’t have an image of the white ones, so brown it is! I really wanted blackout roman shades for the bedroom, but the one I ordered for the kitchen was no longer available. Which is funny because I really didn’t want blackout for the kitchen, I just wanted a dark brown and blackout was all I could find in the right shade. I decided to go with these basic cotton thermal shades because they are on clearance for $29.99 each, plus we had a 20% off coupon and they were offering free shipping. Since there are 6 windows in our bedroom, I did not want to spend any more than that. Is there an Extreme Couponers: Online Clothing & Home Items Edition? I refuse to ever pay full price or for shipping! Though they may not fully darken our room, I’m sure there will be a big difference when compared to the crinkly awful paper blinds we currently have. Even if it’s just aesthetic 🙂

I just finished mass amounts of homework so I’m keeping it short tonight. More to come when um, the shades come (in 4 – 7 business days) 🙂

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