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Seeing Stars


Posted by Rebecca, August 8th, 2012

Over the weekend, Easton’s nursery mobile finally arrived! I decided to go with a blue and green star mobile that I first mentioned here. It’s the Rock the Night Star Mobile made by Little Dreamers, which I found on Etsy.

(via Little Dreamers)

I originally wanted to DIY one, then I was going to order a kit to assemble it myself, then finally my mom offered to buy it fully assembled so that I wouldn’t have to attach 160 stars. SOLD! Thanks Nana.

Today we picked up a small command hook that flips down to hang it from. The metal hoop got a little bent in the shipping process and I want to iron the ribbon, but I was dying to see how it looked! So we hung it for a little bit today.

The colors are perfect and I love that the green is a lighter color to match the color we painted the closet and the bookcase. It’s hard to tell in pictures, but the stars are actually sparkley.

Here it is against the accent wall and with crib sans bumper now that Easton is sleeping in it at night. I think I’ll iron the ribbon with my hair straightener since it has worked so well for me in the past 🙂

Why yes, I even styled the crib with a baby. Actually I had to put him somewhere safe so I could take pictures and I didn’t really plan for him to be in them. But, he was such an excellent little product model that I couldn’t resist! It also just so happened that his onesie matched his room.

He only spent a few minutes with it, but he is already mesmerized by his new mobile. He was so excited that his legs were kicking out of control.

Does he approve? I think this face says it all.

I’m now one step closer to calling this nursery complete. I’ve been working on the gallery wall forever since I had to spray paint frames, order some pictures and make 2 art pieces. My goal was to finish everything by the time I go back to work, but I’m down to one week and I still have a frame that needs another coat of white paint. As much as I want to finish it, I also want to soak up my last week with Easton.

I’m going to miss spending my days with these guys.

Going Mobile


Posted by Rebecca, January 25th, 2012

Up until this point, I think we’ve had a pretty good vision for what we want for the nursery. One element I haven’t put much thought into is what the heck to put over the crib. Though mirrors and pictures always look nice and classy, I still like the idea of having a fun mobile for the baby to look at. I’ve been assembling some happy medium choices on Pinterest since, well apparently, before I was pregnant.

First there are the tissue pom installations, which I always find appealing…

(from Melanie Bauer via Pinterest)

(from Sweet Tea Paper on Etsy via Pinterest)

I’ve always liked big poofy things on the ceiling and they remind me of the paper lanterns we had at our wedding. I’ve even seen paper lanterns used in nurseries, which is a great option because those lanterns are cheap 🙂

(from Cheap Chic Nursery via Pinterest)

Though I like the idea of something large that catches the eye, I think I’m leaning towards something smaller and more subtle. I love the idea of sticking with a pom, but on a smaller scale like these…

(from Petite Lemon via Pinterest)

(from First Time Fancy via Pinterest)

Then I found some mobiles made out of various shapes and they got the wheels in my head spinning. I definitely want to DIY something and here are some of the non-pom ones I’m currently loving…

I love the idea of pretty circles…simple, not complicated, but with major impact.

(from Lil’ Sprout Creations on Etsy via Pinterest)

(from The Whimsy Boutique on Etsy via Pinterest)

(from Jenna Bee on Etsy via Pinterest)

I also like the idea of more unique shapes, like this butterfly mobile…

(from Little Nest Box on Etsy via Pinterest)

Or this one made out of letters…

(from Project Nursery via Pinterest)

Here’s one made with stars…

(from Little Dreamers Inc on Etsy via Pinterest)

I also love these little crocheted hearts…

(from Fave Crafts via Pinterest)

I do know how to knit and I started to learn how to crochet right before I started this blog. But then, my ‘hobby’ time went here. I wonder if I could knit a shape instead, considering that is more natural to me than crocheting? Hmmm…

Regardless of whether I use fabric, paper or yarn, I definitely want to make something that is appealing to a baby, but keeps some style to it. I’ll have to think of something creative to go with the rest of our nursery… whenever we start it 🙂

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