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The Basement


Posted by Michael, April 11th, 2011

We haven’t really shown the basement since it is completely unfinished.  We only use it for storage.  However, we did have a nice delivery made on Saturday which happened to make the basement its new home!  But still, the basement remains dark and cold.  We do have plans to one day finish it; I’d say in the next 12 months we’ll start this basement project.

Until then, here are some pictures for everyone to get an idea of what we’re working with!

Here is the view coming down the basement stairs.  Nothing special as you can either go left or go right.  If you go right, you’ll hit mainly our ‘utility’ room with our hot water heater and the like.  We plan on making a portion of this space into a half bathroom.  For our tour, we’ll go left down the stairs.

And this is the view as soon as you turn left.  A decent sized area we hope to close-in with some french doors.  We have an english basement which allows us to have relatively big windows which means plenty of light in this thing.

A better view of those windows!

Here is the view looking down the basement — really really long. This picture doesn’t really do any justice.

And here is the same view just looking back the other way.  On your right hand side, you can just barely see the hot water heater around the corner; this area will eventually be the half bathroom and unfinished storage space.

You’re looking at the space that will become The Theater.

Since this ‘cove’ doesn’t have windows (and thus naturally dark), it’s only fitting that this area become a theater.  I haven’t decided if I’ll go LCD/LED/Plasma or go all out with a projector.  But either way, we’re really looking forward to this area.  We hope to do a nice sectional couch and some other unique seating options.

Oh, hey, look… stunt photoshop walls and screen.  I couldn’t resist.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to put a small door towards the right of the screen for access to the sump pump.  Not looking forward to it.

And that is all I have for everyone!  A totally unfinished basement, ta-da!

Oh wait!  There’s more… If you haven’t already figured it out, we received a free pool table over the weekend courtesy of some friends of the family.

No, guys… that doesn’t mean it fell off the back of a truck.  I promise.

All we had to do was pay someone to move it about 50 miles for us!  Totally stoked to put a ping pong table on top of this bad boy, too!  We hope to eventually re-finish the wood, maybe a darker stain, and put on some new felt.  It is going to be a great addition to the basement — as long as Macky doesn’t shred the thing to pieces.

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