lil background: part 1


Posted by Rebecca, February 10th, 2010

I’m going to go backwards every now and then to fill you in on how we got where we are today, without putting anyone to sleep….hopefully….

We chose our house because of the wonderful porch and stone facade.

model drawing

Of course there were considerations of location, price, blah blah….

We then had to choose our lot, which had to be wooded to meet our ideal house criteria. We basically choose the lot that had the most dense woods behind it, to act as a buffer between existing homes. That way if we eventually get a pool, I can feel free to belly flop into it without getting the backyard neighbor’s belongings wet. I kid I kid, it was really for the feeling and view from the bathtub…


Okay so this picture is not so accurate. When we signed our contract we had chosen a different lot because it was the largest one available that was wooded. After a week we decided to lose the whooole extra .05 of an acre in return for more dense trees in our backyard. A smart decision, now that it’s winter and we can see the house behind our original choice.

The day we signed our contract, we also had to choose our exterior options. This part was easy, because how many colors of siding exist? Or rather, how many colors of siding would the builder offer? I knew I wanted something really earthy looking, maybe something that could fit in the Pacific Northwest, so we choose a brown on brown scheme with a round river rock type stone…


Our roof is also a shade of brown, but apparently that’s something I neglected to take a picture of… whoops.

We wanted to keep the stones in the brown family, and that lil red stone in the bottom right corner made me nervous. I definitely did not want large versions of that on my house, but we were told it depends on the lot of stones. We went through this process back in June and a little less than a month ago, our stone finally went up. We couldn’t be happier with the results!


We still don’t have shutters up or our door painted, but so far we’re very pleased with how all of our choices came together. Here we are currently, about 7 weeks before closing….

house without number

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