why we need to child proof


Posted by Rebecca, October 22nd, 2010

No, we’re not having a baby. ¬†We came home from dinner tonight to find this…

As if turning on the stove MULTIPLE times wasn’t enough, the kittens have now discovered the under the sink cabinet full of hazardous materials.

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5 Responses to “why we need to child proof”

  1. OMG!!!!!! They turn on the stove!?!?!?!?! How did you kitty proof it?

    Gotta love that “awww man, i’m busted!!!!” look on his/her face!!! <3

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes, they’ve turned on the stove 3 times now! Once they managed to get the flame on while we weren’t home. Thank god nothing happened. We took all of the knobs off the stove and just put them back on when we need to use it. Funny thing is, we never see them on the counters when we’re home. One of our cats is very very sneaky…. And chubby. So I think she has a hard time jumping up there and uses the knobs to push herself up!

      • My husband and I are literally cracking up at this! I’m glad you found a solution but OMG — too too funny!!!

        My pets are just plain troublesome. The ferrets have a new game that involves them finding every thing that isn’t too heavy or bolted to the wall and knocking it over. One pushed a heavy glass frame on top of his sister and I almost had 5 heart attacks! The cat is fine… except for when I don’t notice she climbed into the dryer. I swear I didn’t run it! but 2 minutes after closing it (post removing laundry) I heard little meows… poor kitty!!!!!!!!

        Luckily the shenanigans only occur when i’m home! if they did that while I was away… yikes!

      • Rebecca says:

        We have an unbelievable amount of kitty drama around here. We have one that is totally accident prone. He broke his leg when he was 4 months old because his brother knocked something over on him at 4am! Required surgery, poor lil guy. So we never underestimate them….

        Just today we put a bookcase in our office and I immediately tested it for wobbliness. We decided it had to be bolted into the wall. This place is a zoo….

  2. lol so random – my husband and I just put up our first bookcase today =) I swear animals can be worse than kids — but oh so worth it!!! <3

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