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Posted by Rebecca, November 3rd, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that I had a new Sunny inspiration…

Since our bedroom is all fancy looking with it’s new floors, I’ve started to think about what I want to do with the room.  Okay, I’ve been thinking about it for months and changing my mind over, and over, and over again.

Originally, we registered for king sized bedding from Macy’s…

We only had a queen sized bed, but we weren’t sure if we’d be able to afford nice, new king sized bedding when we moved into the new house.  So when we spotted this, we both loved it and wanted it.  Problem was, it was discontinued.  Since we are picky, my mom ran out the next day and hunted down all of the pieces, had them mailed to her and gave it to me at my bridal shower.

I still love the refreshing teal tones in this bedding, as well as the crisp white, but I have a habit of decorating with blue.  Our family room/kitchen is blue, the dining room and living room have shades of blue.  I didn’t want to get trapped into the blues/browns again.  I love white crisp bedding and against our new dark floors I knew white would look great.  But with pets, white is very hard to maintain, as is anything too dark.  So I knew I wanted something primarily white, but I was leaning towards a neutral toned bedroom.

I first wanted this Marimekko Poloneese bedding from Crate and Barrel…

Then I saw it was similar to the bedding in the boys’ room on this season of Jersey Shore…

I was nervous about what was going to go down in those beds this season, so I decided to shop around.

(Btw, I loved the living room area on this season of Jersey Shore with the graphic red/white curtains…)

So some other neutral, patterned bedding I was considering was…

This West Elm bedding which was similar to the above Crate and Barrel bedding.  It’s apparently not available anymore.

I also like the organic factor of this Imperial duvet cover, also from West Elm…

So I was obviously favoring West Elm.  One day a week or two ago, I went to the West Elm website to see if they added any new bedding when I discovered this…

It’s the Octagon jacquard duvet cover… it’s orange and reverses to a side with more white than orange. Given my new love for orange and after spotting this, I decided that I wanted some white and orange bedding.  But this bedding wasn’t exactly doing it for me, so I set out to look around.

Crate and Barrel has an orange and white set, the Marimekko Madison Persimmon duvet…

But it was too orange and not enough white for me.  So I checked my usual places, Target, Pier 1, Ikea, Google, but I couldn’t find anything I loved.  Then in a last ditch effort, I went to…..

Exactly what I had in mind! It’s the Divatex Diamond Duvet Mini Set in Spice, and it also comes in black and white.  The great part is, it was on sale when I ordered it so I paid $35 for a king duvet and shams, plus like $2 to ship it.  The whole ‘mini-set’ aspect (just the duvet & shams) was appealing because I could still use my nice Hotel Collection white sheets and bedskirt that my mom gave us as a wedding gift.   A little mix of high end, a little mix of low end.  Throw some accent pillows on this bad boy and we’re set!

I plan on putting the teal bedding in the guest room, since I still love it and can’t bear to part with it.  And I figure since I plan on using white sheets, I may want to change around the bedding from time to time.  That is, if it goes with my fancy plans for the rest of the room 🙂

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13 Responses to “slice of orange”

  1. Robin says:

    Love the Walmart bedding! And King sheets are so expensive, almost makes me regret getting a king… then I fall sleep in “star pose” and not even touch Pat and reconsider…

    We have a kinda-lime green duvet from West Elm that has a big graphic print (chain link fence, kinda. You can find by creeping on my FB pics) that I love.

    • Rebecca says:

      I am envious that you get to move when you sleep. I normally have Mowie on my left, Mike on my right and either Macky or Darwin on my feet. I haven’t been able to roll over in about 4 years.

      I am a great facebook ‘researcher’… I will take a look at your bedding 🙂

  2. Hilarious how you noticed they had similar bedding in Jersey Shore…(not that I know what Jersey Shore is, of course, I mean, I’m much too mature…um, anyway).
    I’m loving orange and geometric prints – I think you found the perfect bedding for a perfect price!

    • Rebecca says:

      I love Jersey Shore, even though I quit the gym, I am possibly the palest person in America and I never do laundry. So I noticed the bedding right away. I was going to post about it earlier in the season, but I couldn’t find a screen shot of it anywhere!

  3. Zack says:

    Jersey Shore references = WIN!

  4. OMG Rebecca! Were we separated at birth?! Because I had every single one of these bedding sets bookmarked (ok minus the amazing wal-mart one — who knew!?!?) unreal =)


    ps: good call on ditching the jersey shore sheets. the show is fab for a good laugh.. but you don’t want that following you into the bedroom =) It’s bad enough my husband runs through the house hollering “IT’S T-SHIRT TIIIIIIME!” AHAHA

  5. chad says:

    Does anyone know where the Orange/red leaf curtains are from? my girl friend loves them and I would like to buy them for her.

  6. meredith says:

    Girl, where did you find those curtains? I need them!!

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