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Posted by Rebecca, November 4th, 2010

I know mood boards are the popular form of getting room ideas out there, but I’ve never made one and I’m not sure if they are totally me.  I normally don’t find stuff then decide to put it in a room, but rather I think of things then go out and find them… or make them, if possible.  I notoriously drew our condo living room with colored pencils while I was still in college, before we even owned a piece of furniture.  David Bromstad would be so proud.

I looked into getting some sort of software that I could use to get my room’s actual dimensions, where I could try paint on certain walls, a piece of furniture over here, see how the wall color looks with this or that in front of it.  But from the little research I did, they are rather expensive.  My latest method of planning things out/making things visual so Mike stops looking at me like I’m looney? Paint. As in, Microsoft Paint.

It started with some frame arrangements for over our mantle… (note: these are not drawn perfectly as they were made in like 2 seconds..)


We decided to go with neither of these.  Then I whipped up a similar type deal for one of the walls in the office…

The idea of green office walls has since gone out the window.

Then there was the idea for our Expedit bookcase…

This one is very rough but I wasn’t planning on sharing with everyone.  It was again a way to show Mike what I was picturing in my head.  The green cubes are storage bins, the gray ones are left open, the white are Ikea inserts, 2 cabinet doors and 4 drawers.  But I’m not planning on keeping the white totally white.  I just didn’t have time to sketch that in 🙂

So I figured I’d share, since I like using this method to see what options are most visually appealing.  Plus it takes about 5 seconds to make these things… no new software or techniques to learn!  Of course, Photoshop is an option as well, but everyone has Paint!

How does everyone else normally get ideas out of their heads? Mood boards? Sketches?

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8 Responses to “paint it paint it”

  1. We do some pretty absurd drawings over here at House Bella. Some good, some, well, you know. Not so much.

    I do mood boards, but weirdly, not for my own house. I think it can be a good way of seeing what’s out there, and stretching your style a bit. Color combinations that you might never think of sometimes develop in mood boards.

    For drawing the house, I use Google Sketchup. It take a few minutes to learn, but it’s free, and really encompassing. You can put in 3D furniture, paint walls, etc., then “walk through” the room digitally. Pretty cool.

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s funny that you mentioned doing mood boards but not for your house. I was thinking of making them for fun each week, just using a completely random thing to base it off of. Like I wanted to make a Macky inspired room, because he is so damn pretty with his black and white fur and yellow eyes. But that’s not helping my poor bedroom!

      Google Sketch Up looks like a lot of fun! And free?? Awesome! Thanks for telling me about it, I’m sure it’s going to keep me busy all weekend. Then maybe I can share my bedroom ideas!

    • Rebecca says:

      Now that I think about this, I think mood boards are a great starting point. But when you’re ready to start decorating and planning out a space, I think you need some sort of sketch sometimes!

  2. I do design boards sometimes (ok, so far just for our guest room), but recently I’ve been trying to get back into sketching. If I could get time to hook up our dang scanner I’d share the one I’ve been working on for our backyard! Hopefully there is time for that this weekend…

  3. I like mood boards but usually I just wing it with projects… conversations with paul about decor usually end with “I do what I want!” and then we compromise (though usually he’s on my side! score!)

    I love how organized you are! Help meeeee <3 =)

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