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Posted by Rebecca, November 9th, 2010

I have told myself that we will not attempt any new projects around the house until after the holidays…we have way too many unfinished things to tackle and I have a serious case of hibernation/laziness/seasonal depression going on lately. Maybe, maaaaybe, if we spackle holes, hang things already purchased, clean and organize spaces before Christmas we will start something new.  But for now, we’re cleaning up house.

So today I noticed something else needs cleaning up.  I usually browse sites, leave comments, etc. from my iPhone, so typing this was getting a little cumbersome…

So I decided to also register a shorter domain, that’s a little easier to remember and type.  As of today, you can now get to The Lil House That Could from….

Of course the name of the website will stay the same and the old URL still works, this one is just more user friendly. I always casually refer to the blog as Lil House, now it’s just a little more legit!

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2 Responses to “cutting it short”

  1. Random Techie question, but did you just buy a new domain name and keep it routed back to the server space where you had

    So basically the routing is the same (still going to your same site) you just mapped the url a bit differently?

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