the 6 weekends of Christmas


Posted by Rebecca, November 11th, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that we are trying to not attempt any new projects before the holidays, as we have so many cans of worms we’ve already opened.  We have 6 weekends before Christmas (since Thanksgiving is like, 2 weeks away, I know that goal is totally unattainable) so here is my wish list of things to finish in that time….

1. Finish Unpacking.  Yes we officially moved in here almost 7 months ago and unpacked hardcore for a few weeks.  But once the spring came along, we decided to enjoy our time here and not stress about getting every single thing unpacked.  Fast forward 7 months when winter is quickly approaching and we’d like to be able to park our cars in the garage if it snows….

But this heaping pile of stuff is in the way.  No one has ever seen this.  People aren’t allowed in the garage.  It looks like a garage sale because we often pick through the boxes and containers of things in there.  It’s really not as much stuff as it looks like, as nothing is consolidated.  I’m an all or nothing type of person, either it’s organized and color coordinated, or I wait until I have the time to do so.  We have this project planned for Saturday since it will be nice out, wish us luck.

2. Caulk and paint new trim upstairs. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. Paint this little spot. We had a curtain rod, then decided to go with roman shades and never finished it up.

Btw, that is our formal living room area.  Those shades are about all that is in that room.

4. Finish organizing the office.

That picture is the current status, as of like, 10 minutes ago. We haven’t worked on it in a few weeks and it could use some love.  And organization.

5. Hang items already purchased, yet never hung.  This applies to two things I can think of.  The  arrangement of frames in our family room…

And the shelves we purchased months ago to hang on this dining room wall…

6. Grout backsplash.  That pretty little backsplash that shows up in my cookie jar pictures? Though we had it tiled by a professional friend about 2 months ago, he didn’t have time to grout it and we figured we could tackle it on our own.  We just haven’t done it yet…

Sidenote: I’ve been told that pictures make the backsplash look way more gold than it is.  I think it’s because of the under cabinet lights.  It’s not goldish like it looks in the second picture.

7. Plan out some holiday decor! I’ve mentioned my desire for a runner and table scape, but it is also our first Christmas in the new house, so we need to figure out where to put things.  Including a tree… oh and we have an entire outside of a house now.

Images via this post from Hooked on Houses.  This was funny because I did a google image search and noticed a blog I read came up in the results.  I had to use these pictures after reading the awesome post about the Christmas Vacation house and the entry linked in there about the house from Home Alone.  What kid didn’t dream about living there?

8. Work out a solution for family room window treatments. Seriously, this situation has gotten beyond ridiculous.

Crinkled paper blinds.  ‘Nuff said.

9. Learn how to be Martha Stewart.  I bought a cookie cookbook because I have always wanted to try some different cookies for Christmas.  And I suppose this could go under #7, but I want to figure out how to make a wreath out of ball shaped items…

I found directions here, though it’s not exactly what I had in mind, the assembly should be the same!

I suppose this is what a Christmas list looks like when you’re an adult….

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9 Responses to “the 6 weekends of Christmas”

  1. Well get crackin’, you two! 🙂

    So kidding. I just spent my entire Veteran’s Day painting three doors and doorframes. So I know the pain of finishing up projects, though yours look a little more rewarding than painting doorframes from off-white to white.

    I am in love with your backsplash. Where did you get the tiles?

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha the only project that may not be so fun is the garage… But it will be very rewarding!! For some peace of mind if nothing else 🙂

      The backsplash is from Home Depot and it was in stock so it was much less expensive than the special order ones! We were shocked we actually picked one we could take home immediately… I tend to pick the most expensive or complicated things!

  2. Oh man, my list of things that are half done or have been put off is probably twice the size of yours…

    I only briefly glanced at the wreath link, but I bet you could make the ornament one with just wreath picks, wire and a wreath form (and the ornaments of course).

  3. On the bright side, if we didn’t have a zillion things to do… we wouldn’t have anything to write about! =)

    IN-LOVE with that backsplash… Don’t be surprised if you come to find I have ran out, bought a house, and installed that very same backsplash 😉 haha I wish! <3


  4. I’ll let you in on a little secret =) I haven’t TOUCHED my closet!!! Zombie weekend > productive weekend. lolol

  5. Ashley says:

    Oh my goodness! The thought of only 6 weekends (now 5!) until Christmas makes me kind of sick to my stomach. So much to do! haha

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