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Posted by Rebecca, November 15th, 2010

This is another spontaneous, I-had-other-plans-but-couldn’t-resist-this, post. I opened my house pictures folder and was curious to see what the house looked like a year ago.  Turns out that a year ago last week, our house was framed and we climbed in it for the first time.

I was just going to share some pictures, but even better! I have a video tour of the first floor! No second floor because if you notice, we had no stairs yet…

The video starts in the entry way and the first room I go into is the office, then formal living, dining, kitchen, powder room, family room, laundry room and finally the garage.  I took the video because it was hard to tell what room was what in just pictures….there was absolutely no sense of depth between the studs.  It’s still slightly confusing in the video between the powder room, laundry room and office areas, but you can tell the office because Mike is staring at it and making note of where are the studs are so he could run all of his fancy networks 🙂

Oh and we do speak, we just purposely kept quiet because nothing is worse than having a good video, then watching it and thinking I SOUND LIKE THAT?! I didn’t think of this blog then, so I never thought that maybe I should say out loud which room I was walking in.

Oh House, you grew up so fast.

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One Response to “time flies”

  1. awwww – so awesome! It really is a beautiful home =) and it’s only getting better!!!

    so jealous <3


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