an area rug plea


Posted by Rebecca, November 17th, 2010

Dear bloggy buddies, I need your help.

I’ve been searching for a grass greenish and white, graphic print area rug for our office.  I want a modern yet classy print, along the lines of this…

Happy Trellis Rug in Sprout from Shades of Light, approx. 5’x8′, $578

Yes, five-hundred-and-seventy-eight dollars.  So I set out to find a cheaper alternative.

I checked West Elm and found two favorites…

Zigzag Rug from West Elm, 5’x8′, $229

West Elm Andalusia Rug, 5’x8′, $229

Okay we cut the price in half! I love the Andalusia rug, even in yellow, but I don’t want yellow for the office. And neither are available in green 🙁

On to Target!

DwellStudio for Target Orbit Rug, 5’x7′, $139.99

Have I ever mentioned my love for DwellStudio? Especially their kids’ stuff? Love it.  It’s fail proof.  And I love the price of this rug and though the pattern isn’t as repeated-graphic-design as I originally wanted, if it was green I’d be all over it. But it’s not :::Snooki cry:::

Then there was this one, which I originally spotted in person at Target…

Target Home Medallion Wool Shag Rug, 5’x8′, $129.99

It’s like the less expensive, more neutral version of the above West Elm one.  I spotted this before I got the green idea in my head, so I almost pulled the trigger.  But it is very very fluffy.  So much so that I was afraid that Darwin would mistake it for one of our washable puppy pads and would pee on it.  TMI, but true story, we’ve learned from experience.  Oh and it’s still not green…

Then there was a glimmer of hope when I was browsing Pottery Barn Teen…

Pottery Barn Teen Double Dot Jacquard Rug, 5’x8′, on sale for $129.

I wasn’t sure about the dots, but I ran it by Mike to assess the girlyness and he declared it acceptable.  Not my ideal pattern, as I wanted something a little more sophisticated, but the size, price and colors were right.  So I got all set to order when I saw that the GREEN WAS SOLD OUT.

So I’m back to square one.  Has anyone seen any green and white patterned area rugs out there? Do you know of any rug retailers I haven’t thought of? (ps- I’ve been checking HomeGoods whenever we go, but they are so hit or miss) Or has anyone used those carpet tiles to build your own area rug?

Any help would be very much appreciated! 🙂

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12 Responses to “an area rug plea”

  1. I searched through my usual suspects websites, and only found one that might fit the bill –

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Sara! I saw that one early in my search, but I wasn’t sure if it was green enough. But now that my options are more limited than I thought, I may have to reconsider that one!

  2. Kerry says:

    Sounds like it’s been a mad search! I haven’t tried the FLOR tiles myself, but I’ve seen other bloggers who have and they look pretty great! They have a ton of really cool patterns now, and I was considering using them to make an area rug in our basement, but it was pretty expensive for the large size we would need! I think it’s worth a look for sure!

  3. Emily says:

    I have heard good things from but I just did a quick scan and don’t see anything that jumps out as “it”! Sorry! Have you tried department stores in your area? Especially now, they always have sales going on…… the rug I’m eyeballing is it Macy’s and the sale price is $410 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Emily! I checked Macy’s online since we have a bunch of leftover gift cards from our wedding, but nothing jumped out at me. I also checked Kohl’s in store and online and nothing 🙁

      I will take a look at, haven’t tried that one yet!

  4. melarse says:

    Have you looked at the Dash & Albert rugs? I just saw an office with this one in it and loved it (wish I could remember where!):–RDB100#

  5. If you don’t buy that dwell rug… I so will!!! =) its super versatile and i love the bold graphic design =) ill do some interwebs hunting to see if I can find you a rug. Have you checked they have surprisingly awesome stuff! oooh! and is there a homegoods near you?


  6. I like the Dash&Albert one mentioned above.

    I wish I needed a rug, I love that Target one and I have SO been loving that West Elm one!

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