office regression


Posted by Rebecca, November 22nd, 2010

I’ll just cut to the chase here and give you the bad news… we didn’t organize the office this weekend.  But at least the kids enjoyed the mess…

In the middle of Darwin’s “I’m being adorable” photoshoot, we heard a bang…

“What was that???”


Yes, balancing your Ikea desktop thingy on top of a box, and then stacking things on top of that is not a good idea when your cat is Macky. He used it as a diving board. Anything to be the center of attention!

Anyway, we got caught up with some family stuff over the weekend and since we’re weekend warriors, losing a good portion of our weekend leads to zero progress.  But before we knew we wouldn’t be able to work on the office, we were out running some errands on Saturday and decided to run to Office Max to check out an office chair I was thinking about.

Our current office chair situation is quite pretty, though not meant for office use…

We actually ordered these chairs from for our dining room, but we received two and then they were discontinued.  They had already been assembled, so we kept them.  Plus they’re good to have as extra dining room chairs.  Mike has sat on this chair since we moved in and for a while he didn’t mind it.  This made me super excited because I wanted a classy chair to balance all of the modern Ikea furniture in the office.  I was going to reupholster them and keep them in the room.  But for the past few weeks, the chairs have been uncomfortable for Mike. (Sidenote: For our new friends, Mike spends much more time in the office than I do, since he’s busy running his own lil website that could)  So we began looking for actual office chairs, though I was extremely hestitant and well, nervous.  Then I found this nice little ditty…

DiVoga Managers Chair, Office Max, $139.99

I liked that this chair was white, sleek looking and had chrome feet to go with our Ikea desks.  We wanted to sit in it before we decided and figured we’d check to see if our local Office Max carried it.

Before we hit up Office Max on Saturday, we were near a Staples and figured we’d check it out.  I didn’t expect to find anything but we spotted this..

Once again I love the sleek, modern lines, the white color and the chrome feet, but I especially love the squared back of this one. I am very happy that I snapped a few pictures of it because apparently, it is not available online.

So it was on sale, but we hadn’t yet seen the Office Max chair.  I couldn’t remember exactly what the Office Max chair looked like that the time, so we held off on the Staples one and headed to Office Max.  One look at the first chair and it didn’t hold a candle to the Staples chair.  Pretty good for just walking into Staples without doing my usual internet research!  We were busy, so we didn’t head back to Staples right away, assuming it would be on sale throughout the week.

We went back to Staples tonight and it is back to full price! $179.99! Hopefully it will a) go back on sale soon or b) we will get a coupon or something!

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12 Responses to “office regression”

  1. Ugh, don’t you hate it when that happens with sales? Crossing my fingers for you that it goes back on sale!

  2. zack says:

    @Macky busted! Nice timing on that shot 😉

    Keep us updated on the chair situation. And any other good deals you find. The arm on mine is getting worn down (gotta stop working so much) so I’ll probably need a new one soon. I haven’t broken the news to the wife yet…

  3. Mike says:

    Look at you giving me a cheap plug for SongMeanings. Brian would be so proud.

  4. DAGNABIT. I hope it goes on sale soon – maybe there will be promise in Black Friday deals? I *also* had big big plans to get loads done this weekend and that was a FAIL. I’ll try again next weekend.

  5. qartsntrends says:

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  6. DM 2122 says:

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