RIP real tree


Posted by Rebecca, December 14th, 2010

I may have stopped highlighting my hair, but there will be a new fake something to replace my ‘do.

Yes we did it.  We bought an impostor.  Never in a million years did I think I’d get a fake tree.  Just a few weeks ago I was complaining that everyone thinks that a candle will replace a real tree.  Mike and I really didn’t take this decision lightly, but our main motivator was that we wanted a tall tree.  We talked about the whole tradition aspect, the fun of going to pick out your own tree and we realized that well, the part we remember the most from our childhoods is waiting for the tree to ‘settle’ to put on the ornaments or waiting for our moms to first put on the lights before we could touch it.  So though we love the tradition of the real tree, we don’t necessarily feel that we will be robbing our children of the tree experience.  And really, what kid wouldn’t love a huge tree like the one we got? I think the size alone makes up for it.  If we didn’t want a tall tree, I’m pretty sure I’d still be a realist.

We went to 8 million stores tonight (when I should have been studying…) because no one has oversized trees left! We settled for a 9 footer, though I really wanted 10.  I even checked online and there were no affordable 10 foot trees. Home Depot had a single one left last night, but we went to 2 others and there were none.  Then we walked into Lowe’s and I spotted a very pretty 9 footer, which I actually thought was 10.  So I figured if I couldn’t tell the difference of that extra foot,  I’m sure no one else will.  Plus we will still have to add our topper!

Driving home, we reminisced about our real tree experiences.

Like how we used to cram our live trees into the trunk of my Cavalier..

That’s Cavy on her last day with me this past summer.  RIP buddy, I miss you.  How many people have a picture of their first car parked in front of their first house?  She served me well and when I traded her in, there were still pine needles in the trunk.

How we used to carry those trees up 3 very long flights of stairs…

I stole this off the MLS listings on, but that’s the outside of our old condo community.  It’s not our exact building, but we lived on the tippy top floor, opposite side of the door.  Hauling trees up there was not easy.  Even worse was carrying it down when it was half dead and dropping needles all over the shared foyer carpet.  Whoops.

The time Sunny got stuck in the tree net…

This sweet baby was the best behaved cat most of the time, but he was related to Macky.  So when we brought home our first tree and I was cutting the net off of it, he climbed in it and got stuck.  Where Macky would have panicked and ran all over the house, Sunny just gave up and collapsed on the floor, belly up, as I cut him free. Very scary at the time, but it’s one of our favorite Christmas memories.

The naked tree…

The first year we had a tree, I was cheap and I didn’t put ornaments on it until my favorite Target ones went on sale on the 26th.  We didn’t entertain for Christmas and at the time, we shared a street with Target.  So I ran there and stocked up at 75% off.  I still have those ornaments, topper and tree skirt and I am fully planning on using them this year.

The never ending kitten antics…

I hope our babies love the tree as much as they always have.  I just hope they sleep under it rather than stripping the branches of the needles, corn on the cob style.

Though I’m sure we can still expect loads of this…

From the staircase.  Macky will now have access to the entire tree and not just this little section.  We are doomed.

RIP Real Tree 1983-2010.

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8 Responses to “RIP real tree”

  1. Can’t wait to see it put up!

  2. zack says:

    Great memories! But how did you wait so long in the season to get your Christmas tree? It’s hard enough preventing the candace from putting ours up before Thanksgiving.

    • Rebecca says:

      Hey Zack, we actually planned to get a real tree this weekend, but we went to a wedding where we stayed overnight, then it rained on Sunday. Growing up, I always got a real tree the Saturday before Christmas, so the lateness isn’t weird at all to me. Though I wanted to start a little earlier, it’s just the way the cookie crumbled for us this year. We probably won’t get a chance to put the new guy up for a few days 🙁

  3. Macky looks suspicioius.

    I would keep an eye on that little one.

    I’ve always grown up with fake trees, and while there seem to be some huge benefits (the smell, first and foremost), the falling needles seem to be the biggest deterrent for me ever getting one.

    Any problems with the cats and ornaments/lights on the trees?

  4. That’s what the holidays are all about – making new memories and remembering the old ones – I like how you listed a few of your favorites! *gets sentimental*

  5. I went fake years ago because I lived alone and couldn’t do the real tree thing by myself. Honestly, I do miss the smell of the real thing, but I love that I can wake up the morning after Thanksgiving and put the fake up myself without a problem. Oh, and it’s nice that my little dog isn’t attracted enough to the fake tree to try and pee on it ;).

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha the animals definitely control our plans around here! A friend of mine suggested getting some real pine garland to bring in that good old natural smell, without getting a tree. Always an option 🙂

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