the first blizzard


Posted by Rebecca, December 28th, 2010

On Sunday, we were hit with our first major snowstorm since moving in. Thankfully, Mike’s grandfather bought us a snowblower just the week before, amid rumors of a storm around the 21st. That storm never came, but thankfully we were prepared when we were hit!

Yesterday we went outside to assess the damage. Wait… let me rephrase that… Mike went outside to assess the damage and I watched from the window. I planned on going outside to take some pictures and make a snowman, but MY GOD IT WAS FREEZING.  And ridiculously windy. There was no nice, sunny, day after storm weather. And it was my birthday, so I didn’t feel guilty sitting in the house while Mike used the snowblower. I mean, it’s not like we had to shovel this year, right? So in order to have some documentation of the storm to show you, I took this video of Mike snowblowing the driveway, with my iPhone, from the comforts of our bedroom…

Then I realized this was kind of mean. So I marched outside in my rubber boots and brought Mike some water.

I also took some pictures. It is ridiculously hard to take pictures when a) your hood is covering your face b) your hands are numb because you can’t use the camera with the mitten top covering your fingerless gloves and c) the snow is so bright and you’re too cold to play with camera settings.

See how deep that is?!

It was so windy that the covers blew off of our wood piles…

And there were these funny snow drift spots everywhere…

I think it’s safe to say that my mums are officially dead…

Hey there’s Mike again!

Thanks to the plows, we have to climb a mini-mountain to get the mail out of our box…

Though it still took Mike quite a while to do all of the sidewalks and the driveway, it was no where near as awful as it would have been had we not had the snowblower. Yesterday Mike rescued our next door neighbors, who were shoveling out their driveway with garden shovels. Then tonight, we came home to see our neighbors across the street (who we’ve never met) returning from spending the holidays in Canada and being unable to even find their driveway. We offered the snowblower, but apparently we were just a little too late, they had managed to shovel just enough to get their car in.

So even though we thought we were a little late with the snow preparation, apparently we were in the best shape out of all of our neighbors. Once again, THANK GOD.

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4 Responses to “the first blizzard”

  1. Ugh…finally, for once Michigan missed the crazy Deathstorm. And the windchill is the worst. Nothing you can do to get warm or stay warm except for staying inside.

  2. Colleen says:

    We’re in Mass and this was one heck of a storm!!! I was house-bound with the kids as we couldn’t even get our driveway plowed. Our plow guy couldn’t get up the hill known as my driveway!!!

  3. michaela says:

    Your house is beautiful in the snow! Goodness! I love your front porch. That sure is lots of snow!! (:

  4. Dang! That is a lot of snow! Hope you were able to camp out inside for a long while and enjoyed being snowed in! 🙂

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