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Posted by Rebecca, January 10th, 2011

Though this is a pretty sweet house…

…It still doesn’t beat being home. There was once a time where we looked forward to going to hotels because they were nicer than our own place, but now we have our very own suite everyday. With double sinks in our bathroom, which I forgot were so very important until Mike and I were bumping into each other while getting ready to explore Disney. Plus Macky is greater than Mickey 🙂

One thing the resort had that was better than our own castle was a king sized bed. Getting one has been on our to-do list and we’ve been talking about it a lot recently, but sleeping in one in Disney was heavenly. I did not wake up once in the middle of the night, for 4 nights. Maybe that was because Macky wasn’t screaming, or Mowie wasn’t sleeping on my head, or because I was completely exhausted, but I credit it to a larger bed. I could comfortably sleep in the fetal position (my legs practically horizontal) without kneeing Mike or hanging off the bed. Because of my sleeping preference, I normally sleep better when napping on our family room chair since I can tuck my legs up without injuring anyone. Plus at night I am usually sandwiched between Mike and Mowie and I end up sleeping in pencil position. It’s rough being the family body pillow.

We are BEYOND exhausted from running all over Disney, cross your fingers that we have enough snow tomorrow night to stay home on Wednesday! We need an extra day in our lil castle since flying home on a Sunday night was not our brightest idea. Is there such thing as jet lag when you don’t leave your time zone??

Cinderella Castle picture from Wikipedia. I wanted to post the one we took standing in front of it, but apparently my eyes were closed. Boooo 🙁

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16 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. King sized beds…mmmm that’s speaking my language. As someone who has issues sleeping as-is, and as someone who has a wife who switches up sleep positions almost hourly (back, side, stomach, rinse, repeat), I can totally feel your pain. I’ve been trying to convince her we can upgrade the Queen to a King, she hasn’t been so energetic.

    And don’t let Mickey hear that you said Macky was greater than him. I hear those mutated oversized mice can have nasty jealous streaks!

  2. Cait @ Hernando House says:

    Glad you had fun!

    I am usually sandwiched between Dots and Robert at night, and then she shoves me into him and he nearly falls off the bed. Awkward. Our room is to small for a king size though, and our DIY bed is still pretty new.

    Crossing my fingers that y’all get snow!

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