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Posted by Rebecca, August 8th, 2011

On Saturday, we set out to expand our search for a sectional. We hit up a bunch of stores: The Dump, Ashley Furniture, Thomasville, Mealey’s and American Signature. Thankfully, they were all very close to each other so it was easy to store hop!

At first, our adventures started off as usual. There were the chubby baby couches…

See those rolls? Not so cute on a couch.

And then there were the couches that were characteristic of some different rolls, the Rolls Royce sectionals…

Complete with heated massage seats…

Then while at Mealey’s, one of our last stops, we spotted this…

And angels sang.

Cuddler piece? Check. Clean, modern lines? Check. Build-your-own configuration? Check. Choice of fabric? Check.

The rainbow of colors on the top are just the microsuede options. Underneath that are stacks are larger swatches of non-microsuede fabrics.

The best part of this sectional? It was even cheaper than the one with the piping I wasn’t crazy about at Raymour and Flanigan. Weeeeee!!!

A few of you recommended looking into Rowe sofas, which I actually did before my last post. I had seen them mentioned around and read they were of great quality, but on their website I didn’t see any cuddler pieces for their sectionals. But, I did see that they sold pieces to a lot of major retailers, which is why we decided to head to more large stores. I didn’t even look to see who manufactered this sectional, but the sales person told us it was manufactured by Jonathan Louis… which she said is a division of Rowe and is made with the same quality. I couldn’t find any info on this online, but it was an added bonus to a sectional I already wanted 🙂

So, we decided to buy this baby (not the chubby baby). We went with the same fabric as the floor model, which is a slightly velvety, medium toned, twill type of stuff. We didn’t want to go too light or too dark, so we decided to go with a color similar to what we currently have. It’s funny, I’m picky until I see something I want and then I don’t think too much about it. I know what I want and when I find it, I choose a configuration, pick a fabric and sign the order sheet in about 10 minutes. We went with the cuddler on the right (when looking at the couch), an armless sofa, then a chaise on the left. So it will be the same as the picture above, but with this added on the left…

The lighting in the store was awful and when combined iPhone photos, I know the color looks different in the two pictures. They were two different displays in different areas so while the fabric was the same, they even looked different in the store.

I sat on this cuddler and it was a dream, I am so excited to get ours. I’ve already claimed this spot as mine 🙂

Mealeys had some great bright turquoise accessories (our current accent color of choice for the family room).

I loved lamp.

And vase.

But my goodness are accessories in furniture stores insanely overpriced. Like the lamps were $125 I think, which was minimal compared to a lamp I looked at while browsing around The Dump that was $250!! I guess they make a pretty decent profit off of them. I say go to HomeGoods on your way home 🙂

We also spotted some consoles we liked and we thought one might work well next to the cuddler and up against the half wall. The first one we spotted was insanely overpriced at $1000 but I snapped a picture thinking we could make one.

But then we spotted this one at American Signature that I like more, plus it’s only $199 compared to the hefty price tag of the other one.

I love the side storage on this one and that we could still stick our shoe basket on the side. But we’re going to hold off until the sectional arrives to see what kind of space we’re dealing with. Same goes for this round storage ottoman from Target that I’ve been eyeing as a coffee table…

I think that if they all work out, our family room will be much more functional and way more sleek looking. The sectional should take around 3 weeks to come in and I am so excited to be able to check this purchase off of our list!!

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13 Responses to “Adventures In Furniture Shopping”

  1. Isn’t it weird how expensive the accessories in furniture stores are?? It’s something that really annoys me.

    Anyway, love the couch! Glad you found one so quickly!! Are you going to try to sell your current couch?

  2. Alison says:

    I have never heard of a cuddler. It looks incredibly cozy.

  3. The couch looks great! Can’t wait to see it in the room!

  4. Andrea says:

    You bought my couch! Except mine is normal shaped without the cuddler. One thing I noticed in the year+ I’ve had it is that I apparently sit on the same seat cushion all the time because it is definitely more saggy than the others. I’ve since started to rotate 🙂

  5. kristy says:

    I have that same sofa (even a similar configuration – except i have two armless chairs in the middle instead of one) and mine is dark brown leather. It’s a dream! What’s most funny, I think, is that I insisted on having the chaise so I could put my feet up and be comfy. But where do I most often sit? In the cuddler! What I love about it is our entire family can snuggle on this sofa and watch a movie together.

    It’s practically perfect in every way!

    Oh, and that first sofa you showed? It looks like it’s made of sausage links!

    • M0Mx3 says:

      Where did you find it in leather? I want to chaise and cuddler but am having trouble locating it in leather. This layout is the perfect fit for my oblong living room.

  6. I LOATHE puffy couches. LOATHE.

    Great couch choice!

  7. Hahaha, we call those couches “fat man couches” when we’re out shopping. Because they look like, well, rolls!

  8. Amy says:

    You have had your sofa for years now – do you still like it? How has it held up?

  9. Michelle says:

    I would love to know if the couch has held up. In the market for a new couch.

    Thank you!!

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  11. nisa says:

    This is a dream! I think the most ridiculous thing is that I insisted on having something so that I could keep my feet up and relax. But where do I often sit? in love! What I like about it is that our whole family can sit on this sofa and watch a movie together. My except is usually the shape without the cuddler. One thing I’ve noticed over the years + is that I seem to be sitting on the same seat cushion all the time because it’s definitely more so than the others.
    nisa recently posted.. Introducing the Newest Members of the Team: Bringing Dogs to the Office 

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