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Posted by Rebecca, September 22nd, 2011

Two weekends ago, we got our new sectional and we were ready to ditch the coffee tables turned makeshift end tables we’ve had. Instead of putting them at the ends of the couch where they belong, we immediately wanted them out of sight.

Over the weekend, Mike’s brother and his wife had a yard sale so we dropped the tables off there to get rid of them. But… no one bought them. Whaaamp whaaamp. So we’ll be getting those tables back but they will not enter the house, they’re going straight to Goodwill 🙂

The room is less cluttered, though we still have to pick up a round ottoman and move the rectangular one upstairs. However, I have nowhere to put a drink! Our laptops also stay on the floor when we’re not using them, so we need side tables asap!

My only requirements are dark and round. I would like something with a glass table top since we’re not great with chasing after people with coasters, but it’s not mandatory. We’re not even sure if we want one or two of them, since we like the idea of putting a console on side of the couch (though that would force us to relocate Macky’s area for the second time).

I rounded up (literally?) some of my favorite dark wood end tables hanging around the internet. Yay lists!

1. Silhouette Nightstand– West Elm, $149

I spotted this when I stopped in the store a few weeks ago. I love the design of it, though I’m not sure if the smaller shelf is large enough to be practical (like, for my laptop when I’m too lazy to walk it to the office).

2. Chloe Round Wood End Table– Target, $74.99

I like the price and the design, though I’m not sure how practical those legs are for sliding near the couch. Target normally has some good, affordable furniture options so it’s a visit we’ll have to make in person.

3. Halo Ebony Side Table– Crate & Barrel, $299

Mike and I have liked the whole Halo line since we created our wedding registry at Crate & Barrel over two years ago. It meets all of my critera, though it doesn’t have a bottom shelf. However, that price is a deal breaker. Ouch.

4. Driftwood End Table– Crate & Barrel, $399

If I had endless amounts of money and cats that wouldn’t chew or try to commit suicide with this thing, I would totally want it. How cool is it?? I have a thing for driftwood lately, with my turtle and urchin in the family room. But, I’m going to keep it a little more practical around here 🙂

5. Lewis End Table– Overstock, $104.99

This table is a less expensive version of the first one I listed, so it pretty much has the same pros and cons as that one.

I would like the check out HomeGoods over the weekend and see if anything unique jumps out at me. While I like these tables, I can’t say I’m in love with any of them. But I’m thristy and need somewhere to keep my drink and my phone. Function trumps form… or at least my picky-ness 🙂

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11 Responses to “Pushed To The Side”

  1. Cait @ Hernando House says:

    Great picks! I like the West Elm and Target ones, but I think looking at HomeGoods is a good option. Sometimes things jump out at you from the least expected places. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect tables!

  2. Amanda says:

    Did you ever think of attaching them together and covering them with batting and foam and a pretty fabric, to make a long ottoman. Then you could try selling it if you didn’t like it (and most likely get a better price for it with not a huge cost!) orr if you really like it using it somewhere it your house; Foot of the master bed, or guest bedroom for luggage for your guests. Or as a bench next to a door or in a hall way, or in the kitchen for extra seating.

    Just an idea to throw out there 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Great suggestions!! We are moving the long ottoman from our family room to the foot of our bed. The tables are too big to fit in the living room (which is where I planned to put them) or on either side of the guest bed. They’re inexpensive Ikea tables from about 6 years ago with some scratches, so I’d rather donate them to someone who can better use them 🙂

  3. My favorite is the first one from West Elm, although I totally get what you mean with the bottom shelf being sort of impractical. I love pretty much everything at Crate&Barrel but it’s out of our price range too.

  4. Robin says:

    Love the West Elm and the cheaper Overstock one. I see what you mean about the bottom shelf though. I would probably end up squeezing a laptop in sideways because I am lazy and have no respect for technology. Also, I don’t have a laptop, so this would be a theoretical jamming.

    As far as coasters, just have them out and hopefully people will “respect wood.”

  5. Leanne says:

    Oooh! I love those tables from West Elm and the last two from O.com – the tapered shape gives them the illusion of taking up less space than they actually do.

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  7. Sophia says:

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