Enter to Win: Black & Decker RapidRoller


Posted by Rebecca, December 7th, 2011


The winner of the RapidRoller is Tammie, lucky commenter #77 who said:

“Wow……the rapid roller is amazing!!! I have a new house and painting is in order since the walls are egg shell white…ewww…..this will make my life easier!!!”

Congratulations Tammie and enjoy your new RapidRoller! 🙂

As promised, this week we will be giving a Black & Decker RapidRoller away to one lucky reader!

The holidays are a great time of year to either freshen up some paint around your house or give one as a gift to your favorite home improvement addict. In case our review didn’t do the roller justice, here is a video courtesy of Black & Decker that shows you everything the roller is capable of…

YouTube Preview Image


So for the deets…

  • One reader will win a Black & Decker RapidRoller (a $35 value)
  • To enter, simply visit Black & Decker on Facebook (facebook.com/blackanddecker) and browse their holiday gift guide (listed on the left side of the page)
  • Come back here and leave a comment letting me know what gift from the guide you’d like to receive and why

And the rules…

  • Only one entry per email address is allowed
  • A winner will be chosen using Random.org
  • This giveaway closes on Sunday, December 11th at midnight. Any entries made after that time will not be counted.
  • A winner will be announced on Monday, December 12th so check back 🙂

While you’re on the Black & Decker Facebook page, don’t forget to “Like” them and play their Holiday Match & Win game for more chances to win free stuff! Good luck!

ps- We received a RapidRoller ourselves in exchange for hosting this giveaway. And happy first giveaway to us 🙂

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387 Responses to “Enter to Win: Black & Decker RapidRoller”

  1. Corrina says:

    I would love to receive the Black & Decker Steam-Mop with SmartSelect Tech! Our regular mop is so dingy its a marvel it cleans anything at all. 😉 Time for a new one so why not upgrade!?

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. robyn says:

    I really want the thermal leak detector – much needed in my house!

  3. Carol Conerly says:

    Anything the has the name Black & Decker is welcome in our house

  4. Amy says:

    We need a new drill, I would love this 20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver. I am painting as well, so I would love to try this power roller.

  5. faiza says:

    would be very happy to get the ‘Flex cordless mini canister vac’. It will help me to fight the dust because I hate it!!!lol
    happy holidays to all of you

  6. Rachel B. says:

    I want the High Performance LeafHog® Blower/Vac/Mulcher. I gave my leaf blower to my mother-in-law because she said she needed one and whoa buddy have I missed and needed it back this fall!

  7. Patti Ellerby says:

    I would love the Flex Cordless Mini Canister Vac, or the Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology. They would both be so helpful around the house.

    Thanks Santa!!

  8. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would like to receive the 18 Volt 12 Cordless GRASSHOG Trimmer/Edger as a gift because my weedeater does not work anymore.

  9. sandra says:

    I would love to win this roller. I am a do it yourselfer and will be painting interior of my home in a couple of months, this woud make the job so much easier. Being a do it yourselfer, the all in one laser level would make hanging frames etc so much easier….and allow me not to mess up the newly painted walls. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays to all.

  10. I would love the 20V Drill/Driver because it has the most power out there so far by B&D.

  11. Tami Binting says:

    I have health issues and would love to win any of the tools to make my life easier. The leafblower or grassblower and this paint roller is a perfect example. I cant afford to hire things done so I try to do it myself. Some times I cant but thats the way it goes. Happy Holidays to everyone. Thanks

  12. Gary Braun says:

    nice toys

  13. Pat Marlow says:

    I want the Rpid Roller. I have to paint my ceilinfs (again thanks to my middle daughter ) and this would cut the time in half. Woo hoo – no more 6 hour job!!!!

  14. Gigi Larkin says:

    Flex Cordless Mini Canister Vac. Well, ya know what they say….”Cleaning your house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing!” It is always SNOWING around here! This would be a wonderfully handy little cleaning accessory for cleaning up those everyday messes. I like it!

  15. Fred C says:

    I’d like the BDPR400 – Pivoting RapidRoller. I’m an auto painter by trade. So I really don’t like coming home to paint. This product looks like it would cut the time in half and speed up the job.

  16. I have rented a home, the bedroom is pea green,not that I do not like green,just not pea green,that same color was in my other home,Kitchen and Bathroom.I would love to win the Black & Decker RapidRoller,have pick out new paint from Cloverdale Paint.The Black & Decker RapidRoller would help me get this bedroom done in a Flash!!!.Thank you Black & Decker. GB

  17. Charles Miller says:

    I would most like to win the RapidRoller because I need to paint our downstairs 6 room apartment completely before spring.

  18. rick d says:

    Have a lot of painting to do so I would love the rapid roller.

  19. Ed Hughes says:

    I would love to win the rapidroller, I just had knee surgery and I have three rooms that need to be repainted. So that would make a lot less bending for me. I wpouldn’t hav eto climb a ladder as much

  20. sean pynaert says:

    I would love the new steam mop

  21. Sharon C. says:

    20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver – because it is an awesome drill, and I need one for the house.

  22. Diane says:

    I would love the All-In-One Laser Level! I can’t hang my frames straight!

  23. a. moody says:

    I would like to get the 20V Drill. After the April tornadoes, we’re having to rebuild half our house. The mortgage company still hasn’t released the insurance check, so we are having to do the repairs ourselves. This drill would be great because of its power and longer battery life. Anything that will get this done faster. Thanks.

  24. Fawn strunk says:

    The rapid roller of course cause I have a whole house thay needs painted.

  25. RObin Roberts says:

    Would love the Flex – Cordless mini canister vac. Perfect gift to myself, to do a job that seems never ending… sweeping!

  26. Michele Dipert says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. Our family loves Balck and Decker products.

  27. dan brennan says:

    The gift I would like would be the Black and Decker 20v Max Lithium Drill/Driver. It would help free up my dependence on cords to use with my old drill when I am working inside and outside of my house. A great benefit to the drill would be to use while camping. It would help repairs items on the trailer that may break while out in the wilderness.

  28. Lincoln says:

    i could really use the 20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver, my house need quite a bit of work and the only functioning drill i have is about 20 years old and corded.

  29. Scarlett says:

    I would love the RapidRoller. And from the Holiday Gift Guide on the Black & Decker facebook page I’d really love the Corded Cyclonic Hand Vac with Retriever Turbo Blush – I have two dogs and this would sure help with clean up in tough spots like stairs and in the car. I think Santa is going to be hearing about this on my wish list 🙂

  30. Juliee Fitze says:

    I would really like the Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology

  31. All-In-One Laser Level would be a great gift for many thing around the house from a drop ceiling to hang a pic on the honey do list

  32. Shahril says:

    I really need the rapid roller to paint my house because this product is not available here in Malaysia..as a d.i.y enthuassist i own many tools from b&d but not this amazing tool..everyday day im dreaming to have it..and i also put it as my wish list…hope one day it may come..glad to have it for this new year 🙂 i wish…

  33. Carla Walker says:

    I would love to own the 18v smart select drill driver, had several repair projects to do and wouldn’t you know it, the old drill played out, it was so old I should say the antique drill played out. This drill would be a breeze.

  34. kristina says:

    I would love to win a Black & Decker RapidRoller…its our first year in our house with 2 little kids and all thous crayons every where only Black & Decker RapidRoller can help….thank you

  35. Dave Kenworthy says:

    I really would like the Grasshog because my yard needs it LOL

  36. Hadlee Goldberg says:

    I would really like High Performance LeafHog Blower/Vac/Mulcher.

  37. Tracey says:

    I’d really love the Pivoting RapidRoller because I haven’t painted my house in almost 20 years (well, I did paint 2 rooms this fall). I need to freshen up this place!

  38. Tery D. says:

    I could really use the 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver because I have heard really great things about it and I have a old house and could use it to do a lot of great projects. I also be able to build the tree house my kids have been begging me to build. Thanks

  39. Patricia Fretz says:

    I would love to own a Black & Decker Steam-Mop. I have always hated washing my cushion floor and this looks like it would make quick work of it.

  40. Kevin Bell says:

    The Ratcheting ReadyWrench RRW100 looks like it’d be great under the tree for me! It seems like I always have that one stubborn bolt I can’t either get loose or get tightened, and this tool would be perfect for those situations!

  41. bimkill says:

    Either the leaf blower because ours died this year or the rapid roller because looks like I’m doing the painting this year; hubby has way too many excuses!

  42. Tanya Palmer says:

    I would love to have the steam mop, I take care of my elderly grandmother and something like that would be great so I could sanitize the house alot faster and it would be more healthy than using all the cleaning products I have to use now.

  43. Mary Parker says:

    I would to have the Black & Decker steam mop.

  44. Tom says:

    I really could use the rapid roller painting the kitchen for the holidays

  45. I would love to win the NST2018 – 18 Volt 12 Cordless GRASSHOG Trimmer/Edger “. I try to get close to the trees and posts with the push mower but I allways end up pulling tall grass by hand. It usually takes me about an hour trimming with the push mower and my hand. This Black and Decker cordless trimmer would cut that time to less than half. I have over an acre to mow every Saturday with several trees and posts to mow around. Then I spend about another hour and a half on the garden tractor. This trimmer would cut my yard work time down considerably and give me more Saturday for playtime. Thanks for the great sweepstakes !!!…

  46. Esther Buggs says:

    I would like the cordless mini cyclonic vac. Since I’ve gotten older, it would surely help with small jobs around my home.

  47. Donna Byrd says:

    I would love the Flex – Cordless Mini Canister Vac (white pkg) Flex™ –

  48. Florence says:

    i would like the new steam mop

  49. Donna Byrd says:

    forgot to say I would like that because I would not have to get the “heavy big one” all the time;)

  50. Barbara Castro says:

    I would love to have the Ratcheting ReadyWrench. I can never find a wrench when I need one!

  51. Denise Bohman says:

    There are two items that I really like a lot, the steam mop and the rapid roller paint system, I guess I would have to pick the Rapid Roller first because I have more painting to do first then get new tiling in and then would need the steam mop!

  52. Maria says:

    I would like the Ratcheting ReadyWrench.

  53. Claire says:

    The steam mop could come in handy for my kitchen floor. I liked them on FB, too 😀

  54. Joyce Sharak says:

    I would love to win the Rapid Roller to give to my daughter.She is the mother of three, works as a recovery- room nurse, and keeps a great household. She paints frequently to keep things looking “fresh”. I’m sure the roller would make the job much simpler. then she would be able to rave about it to all her co-workers !!!

  55. Janie Holmes says:

    i would love the roller i just moved into a new place and have to paint the whole house which is 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and laundry room, im crossing my fingers

  56. Kerri says:

    Oohhh…would love the Leafhog! We have lots of wind in the desert and I would love to get able to blow all the debris out of the corners, vacuum in our patio area and garage (we have tiles that most debris goes through in both areas, and mulch it all…plus, it’s a great name!

  57. Les Siewert says:

    I would be happy to get the All-In-One Laser Level Item No. BDL100AV because it would help with small jobs by other laser level isn’t right for.

  58. pardeep says:

    I would love to win the steam mop because it would get my hardwood flooring and kitchen flooring super clean:)

  59. Joan Adolf says:

    I’d like to have the Black & Decker Steam-Mop with SmartSelect Technology. My Dad passed away this yr now mo has cancer. So I was asked to take their 2 dogs. I had 2 dogs already. So now I have a total of four. So I have a messy kitchen all the time. This Steam-Mop would make my every day life easier I think.

  60. Debbie Moon says:

    I would love the Black and Decker Steam mop..Thank you

  61. tonya moussalli says:

    I would love the Flex Corldless Mini Canister Vac I am sure I can find a use for it every day

  62. linda mazzella says:

    I really could use the steammop. The change in weather my great dane is making a mess of my floor.

  63. Kathy flanagan says:

    love the steam mop but need rapidroller.

  64. barb wicklund says:

    I would love SM1610 – Steam-Mop!

  65. gary taylor says:

    The Leaf Hog.I need it bad..REAL BAD!

  66. geoff beatty says:

    20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver

  67. Heather says:

    I would love the Leaf Hog.

  68. gracie napierkowski says:

    The steam mop..mine is just about dead :(..but i need the rapid roller for the paint i just bought!

  69. Renee Bentley says:

    I have a basement to paint and I would love the rapid roller!

  70. Patti Donath says:

    Steam Mop.. it is about time I picked something out for myself lol. Looked at the drill for the husband, but thought why not something I would love to have for my wooden floors and steam is a wonderful way to keep them clean..

  71. Torri M says:

    Would love the Cordless Mini Canister Vac for those quick and easy jobs!

  72. Would love the rapidroller..

  73. Gene Foth says:

    I have an upcoming paint project and it looks like this roller would make the job a lot easier.

  74. David R. says:

    I’m hideously poor and would love to win the Black & Decker RapidRoller! P.S. Their 3.6V 3 Position Rechargeable Screwdriver looks pretty cool.

  75. Cheryl Sheppard says:

    The leafhog, my broke this year and I need a new one

  76. Loren Palmer says:

    i would like the steam mop 4 our hardwood floors!

  77. DONNA BARRETT says:


  78. Jacqueline Langas says:

    I would love the Pivoting RapidRoller Paint Roller. After more than 10 yrs in our home, we sure are in need of new wallpaint to freshen things up.

  79. karen weeks says:

    Our home repair projects have zapped our rechargeables..I would enjoy having the 18v smart select drill driver

  80. Billie G. says:

    I like the Steam Mop….kills bacteria without chemicals.

  81. Christina says:

    I would love to receive the steam mop !!!!

  82. Janet Tretter says:

    I need a new mop, and the B&D Steam mop is the one that I really deserve to receive.

  83. pamela says:

    this would be greatfor those who need too paint houses

  84. Nancy says:

    I could really use the Pivoting RapidRoller from the Gift Guide as every room in our apartment needs to be painted.

  85. Cheryl Evanns says:

    Could really use the rapid roller, would make painting so much easier!

  86. Cynthia Weaver says:

    I’d love to have the 20Volt drill and driver. Seems like a good amount of power for a cordless hand tool

  87. lori stewart says:

    would be nice to win the rapid roller, so you could paint faster and less mess.

  88. Diane Moran says:

    It sure will help painting after the holidays

  89. Carol D says:

    I would love the rapid roller! As I sit here noticing that my living room could really use a new coat of paint!

  90. Rachel says:

    Would love to have the Pivoting RapidRoller! We just got orders to relocate so we have to paint the house before we can put it on the market. Would make this so much easier and painting the next place!

  91. Shirley says:

    I would have to choose the Rapid Roller as we have a whole lot of house to paint and freshen up!

  92. heather smith says:

    i would want the steam mop make cleaning a whole lot easier

  93. Stacey says:

    I would love the Rapid Roller..we need to paint upstairs and this would make it much easier and such a time saver!

  94. I would love to win the steam mop. I have three little girls so steam mopping the floors would be much easier and cleaner!

  95. Paula Price says:

    I would love the High Performance Leaf Hog blower/vac/mulcher. Any help in cleaning up the leaves in the fall would be greatly appreciated.

  96. Nicole Willison says:

    I would like the rapidroller. The reason I would like to have one is because I like how it eliminates the need for a paint tray. I have such bad luck when comes to paint trays. I have some seriously bad luck when it comes to paint trays, and I always end up with a massive mess because I either step in them or I knock them over, or I over fill them. This really neat tool could solve my painting woes.

  97. Sandra says:

    Got the leaf blower so I’d like to get the steam mop.

  98. Alan Parker says:

    20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver

  99. shanna parsons says:

    I would love to have the drill, as we are still using screwdrivers around here! 🙂

  100. kara hobgood says:

    i would love the drill and the roller 🙂

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