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Posted by Rebecca, December 19th, 2011

Do you know how many times per day I nearly write 2012? Everything I’ve been doing lately at work or thanks to baby has involved 2012, so my mind already thinks it’s here. But anyway, Mike and I finally got around to putting up our tree on Saturday. And that’s as far as we got with decorating.

We kept it simple and used the same teal/green/silver/gray-blue color scheme as last year. Next year I want to change it up a bit, but since I had a couple of final papers to write this weekend, simple was key.

I even still wrapped the banister in the same ribbon that I used last year. I’ve always wanted some lighted garland to hang and I considered buying some this year, but yeah, it was December 18th and I was trying to get a tree up. Once again, simple was key this year.

But! You may notice that I changed up the tree skirt this year!

It’s just 2 yards of fabric that I picked up at Joann wrapped around the tree stand. I was never a fan of our previous skirt, which was a blue velvety thing with some embroidered snowflakes on it. I bought it when we lived in our condo because it was the only blue or silver skirt I could find. The problem was that it was dry clean only and attracted some serious cat hair. Considering that Darwin loves sleeping under the tree, it never looked good. So i decided to look for some cotton fabric that would be easy to wash and would have a little more style. I might eventually sew the ends or make it a tree skirt, but for now it works perfectly fine.

Our tree got wet during Hurricane Irene and we were so relieved when it actually worked. Considering we just bought this 9 foot guy last year, I would have been seriously annoyed if we only got one year out of the first artificial tree we’ve ever had.

I guess the pictures kind of speak for themselves at this point, so here’s a bunch. Ps- Bonus points for the person who notices Macky’s butt….

Last year I had done some serious crafting and shopping for Christmas accessories by this point. This year is all about survival. I’m taking the day off from work on Wednesday and will hopefully finish decorating then. Our outside is not decorated, nor is the mantel… or dining room. I’m going for a minimalist look this year, even if its unintentional 🙂

ps- I just turned in my final graduate school paper ever! Now I just need to make it through class tomorrow night and I’m done!! 😀

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9 Responses to “The Tree 2011”

  1. Lindz says:

    yayyy!! ur free from schoooool!! so happy for you!! congrats mama!
    See you on NYE!

  2. Love the tree! And congrats on finishing up grad school!!

  3. Cait @ Hernando House says:

    The tree looks great! Love the new tree skirt! And congrats on being done with school!!

  4. Marcella says:

    Go buy your lighted garland the day after Christmas! That way you will get it on sale plus you will have it for baby’s first Christmas because next year you will want to go all out! Even though baby will not remember it.

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s a great idea!! That’s actually how I got the majority of our current decorations, I cleared out 2 Targets the day after Christmas a few years ago and got all of my gray-blue stuff for 75% off!

  5. Ashley says:

    I love the tree…Looks great. My cats do the same thing as Macky. They snuggle up on the tree skirt and rip all the bows off the presents.

  6. Pretty!! Yay for no more school!!!!!!!!

  7. I love your tree! Green and silver is the theme we originally wanted to go with, but we bought some red to throw in as well! I also love how you used ribbon to hang your ornaments instead of the little wire hooks.

  8. Taylar says:

    LOL. The sad part is that it’s true! I rmeeebmr that year. I just don’t rmeeebmr which year it was exactly and why it happened.And for the record, our tree is not up either. Only going up next weekend because we don’t have J the weekend after that or I’d wait until then. Too much work to keep kids from taking off ornaments!

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