Posted by Rebecca, January 30th, 2012

If you stalk my Facebook or Twitter pages, you already know that Mike and I were on vacation all of last week. We spent the week in Jost Van Dyke (pronounced Yoast, like toast, it took us all week to pronounce it correctly) in the British Virgin Islands. I planned to blog as usual from there at night, since I have yet to master the art of writing additional posts on weekends, but the internet connection was very unreliable and slow. The post I wrote about mobiles seriously took me 2 nights to get through because the photos took so long to load from Pinterest. Lesson learned: schedule your posts if you plan to secretly go on vacation.

Anyway, this vaca has been in the works for several months since we went with some friends of ours. With Darwin being sick, we were late to commit to the trip and didn’t get our passports renewed or buy plane tickets until about a month before. Mike surprised me with a first class plane ticket on the way there. We had to cancel our vacation in July because Darwin was so sick, so we had a hefty airline credit to use. I have never flown first class and MY GOODNESS. I never want to go back to coach. But I did, because we are too cheap to pay for first class both ways. So coach it was for the way home! And it was awful because we hit so much turbulance and I get motion sickness. Oh and no one handed me a warm cookie and a blankie…

We all rented an amazing house on the island, which I will share some pictures of another day. The island is very very small and secluded. The house we stayed in was not accessible by car and we had to take a major hike to catch a cab. And by cab I mean an open safari-like vehicle that doubled as the island’s school bus. We had a small boat that was included in the rental of the house, which the owners use to get around the island. But considering I’m nearly 6 months pregnant, neither option was really ideal for me. Non-pregnant me would have loved all of the hiking on this trip. Pregnant me was winded and swollen for a good portion of the trip.

There was a small beach within walking distance (a hike down a rocky hill) of the house and any other place we had to take a taxi or a boat to. We made our way around to most of the main areas of the island, so these pictures cover a little bit of everything. The views from the house were seriously unreal.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking! 🙂

View from the house

Beach by the house

Captain Mike on the boat that was included in the house rental

Bubbly pool, as it’s called 🙂

Just some rocks that I thought would make for a nice print around the house

Gingerly strolling along the rocks that kept poking through my flip flops

The pier for the house

Great Harbor

View from the house

Beach by the house

One of many rainbows we saw from the house

White Bay

I have tons of pictures of the bedroom we stayed in to sort through (as well as the rest of the house), so I will share them later this week. If I could have that bedroom for the rest of my life I would die happy. All it was missing was 3 cats. Don’t think we didn’t consider flying them down in first class to meet us… 🙂

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5 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. I get upgraded to First Class once in a while for work… it’s like a whole other world up there!

  2. Mel says:

    I think we should’ve planned the trip for after the babies were here- imagine all the baby weight we would shed hiking!

  3. We flew first class both ways for our honeymoon (it was a very generous gift from an uncle) and you’re right – it’s amazing.

    So glad you had a wonderful vacation! Was this your babymoon??

  4. Breathtaking! I’m so envious! That looks like a beyond gorgeous vacation!

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