Twenty Five


Posted by Rebecca, February 1st, 2012

Last week while we were on vacation, I hit my 25th week of being pregnant. Don’t worry, I remembered to take a belly picture…

Despite the fact that I was wearing a black shirt, I still could not abandon my usual black shirt and jeans photo. You guys won and the standard uniform stays!

I know right? That belly is huge this month! I officially switched to maternity jeans for this picture and the non-maternity shirt is seeing it’s last days too. If I was facing forward, you’d see that the shirt is now so low cut that it’s scandalous.

I took this picture when we got back from vacation, so I was less than a day shy of 26 weeks… and suffering from awful sunblock skin. I have super sensitive skin and despite the fact that I always buy sensitive, anti-pore clogging sunblock, it always turns my skin into a mess. Thank goodness I decided to do this series in black and white, so my lack of pregnant glow this month isn’t as noticeable…

More than halfway done with the pictures already!

Yeah, I’d say I popped….

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