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Posted by Michael, May 30th, 2012

Hey all!  While Rebecca continues to recover (holy swollen ankles, poor girl) and we begin to get into some routines for E, posting here might be light.  I’ve been trying to post daily pictures of Easton over at Macky&Co, so certainly check it out!

For a side, but not so much fun, note — the other night, our upstairs AC unit crapped out.  Fortunately, our downstairs unit remains cool.  It should be another day or two until the unit upstairs gets fixed.  We’re avoiding the upstairs like the plague.

And when it rains, it pours.  While Rebecca was breastfeeding the other night, we heard a huge BANG! and THUD!  come from our bedroom at 3am.  After running upstairs and nervously freaking out thinking someone broke in from the roof (for reals, I had 911 pre-dialed on my phone), I was able to realize that my side of the closet organizer collapsed.  Yes, collapsed.  I’m not sure how it happened or where the weakness began, but this thing took a tumble.  About half of the unit was evenly drilled into studs (more so than the recommendations in the manual, too) with the remaining as drywall anchors.  Not cool, every last screw was ripped from the wall.  So once the AC is repaired, I have a bit of cleaning up to do followed by reinstalling a new closet unit.  Fun.

Easton has been an absolute joy to be around, so we haven’t wasted much energy worrying about the above.  We’re only a week in with him and I can barely remember what life was like before him.  And it’s been incredibly awesome how great the cats have been.  They’re not stressed at all and are always trying to interact with him, too!

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  1. YIKES! What a crazy mess! Hopefully you are having some cool weather there until the air is fixed, I know it’s been tolerable here in Southern Illinois and we had our air off the entire weekend.

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