Everything You Wanted To Know … Mike’s Version


Posted by Michael, November 21st, 2012

Last week, Rebecca responded to some questions from the reader survey.  I figured it’d be pretty fun and absolutely ridiculous for me to answer them as well.  I’ve tweaked some questions so it’s more geared towards me.

Q: How are you handling taking care of Easton now that Rebecca is back to work? And the projects and your business?

I actually miss her a ton.  I know, I know, gasp!  It’s been fun getting to almost re-know Rebecca by raising Easton.  But the truth is, Rebecca going back to work has been a lot harder on her than it has on me.  Easton is an easy baby and we both know his routine like the back of our hands.  He tells me when he’s ready for a nap, he tells me when he is ready to eat, he farts and grunts just as he’s ready to poop and he pretends I don’t exist when the cats are around.

And if I’m being honest — and I’ve said this before to Rebecca — but I feel like I spend no time with him now that Rebecca is part time.  I know I still have more hours with him during the day than she does, but seriously, it’s like we both wake up, we eat, take a nap and then Rebecca is home.

Projects are a different story.  I think we’ve both been realistic with what we can accomplish and what we can’t.  Heck, January 2013 will make it a year since we first started the built-ins in the new office.  I have no idea why I admitted that to you.  Crap.   But really, projects have become more about what we need and want, and what we can actually accomplish.  I have no idea if that just made any sense.

As for the business, I take advantage of Easton’s nap time.  During the day, I can usually rely on two or three 45 minute naps; occasionally I get an hour in there (which is HUGE and I’m often like, OK EASTON WAKE UP!).  But as soon as he’s in his crib napping, I jump on the computer to work on SongMeanings.   And you know what?  It’s the most productive 45 minutes ever each and every time.

Typically when Rebecca comes home from work, I try to get 2-3 hours in until dinner time.  Rebecca takes over with Easton and I jump back into code for a few hours.  We do the dinner thing, bath+bed time routine for Easton and then I try to spend an hour or so with Rebecca watching The Walking Dead or Homeland.  Rebecca usually nods off 10 minutes into each show at which time I run as fast as I can up the stairs and back into code.  Then I spend as much time on the computer as I possibly can.  I’ve learned to not fight it as fighting it makes the following day all the more tough.  The earliest I’m in bed is around 1:30am and the latest is around 3:30am.

Then suddenly it’s 7am and we’re ready to repeat!

Q: Local area favorite trips or favorite road trips?

A: We love Baltimore, specifically the Fells Point area.  We do like the Harbor but really only when it’s empty.  We do live close to Philly but the only time we go into that city is for Ikea.

I have no idea why we don’t take advantage of Philly. Probably because we view it quite like how Ted and Barney view New Jersey; you just don’t go there.

But we do travel to NYC a bit for concerts, random dinner nights and so forth.  We love going to Yankee Games, too.  This was the first year that Rebecca and I didn’t make it to a game together in a very long time.  Boo!  But we’re excited to bring E to his first game so he can experience garlic fries and eat junk food!

Q: When will baby #2 come?

A: We definitely want another mini-Mike running around, but we’re certainly not ready.  There’s a ton of things we still want to accomplish with Easton, as well as with ourselves professionally and personally.  So we’ll see.

Q: I thought I read that you’re a vegetarian?

A: I’m off the wagon with this.  But it’s really only been the occasional cheeseburger or cold-cuts.  At this point, it’s more of a treat for me than really in my diet.

Q: Are you and Mike Mac using atheists or secularists or science lovers? 

A: I’m a total Apple fanboy.  Though those new Samsung phones do look sweet.

Q: When is the playroom coming?

A: We ordered the new carpet last week from Lowes!  Holla.  We should have it installed in the next 2-3 weeks!

Q: I would love to know more about your day to day diaper routine & baby essentially you can’t live without.

A: There’s a big difference between Rebecca and I.  She knows all about the products, the names, reviews, competitors, etc.  Me?  I just use them.  I’ve found it to be a lot easier to let Rebecca make the choices on what diapers we use, what butt-paste we put on Easton and so forth.  It’s not that I don’t care about it, she’s just ridiculously  thorough with the products she buys.  So Rebecca does her sales pitch and I’m all like, I’M IN!  Unless it’s a $600 diaper bag that I can’t use.  Obvs.

Q: What has had the biggest impact on the number of followers you have? Any blogging advice?, etc.

A: I don’t blog well, but I can offer some advice in running a website.  Have patience, be consistent and be passionate.  Aim insanely high for your goals but also be realistic.  You’re going to have days you’ll want to quit.  But keep chugging right along.   Oh and learn SEO techniques.

I think that about finishes it.  For those of you visiting from the United States, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We’re hosting (again) so the next 24-36 hours will feel like once long episode of Food Network’s Chopped.

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4 Responses to “Everything You Wanted To Know … Mike’s Version”

  1. Great posts. We have a 21 mo old now and time availability gets harder in some respects and easier in others. The one big difference though is we’re Red Sox fans… 🙂 Oh and I work in Philly, lived in it for a decade and hate driving here. Ikea is worth the drive though.

  2. Lindz says:

    ‘obvs.’ Haha- love it

  3. It’s so sweet that you get to spend so much time with him while Rebecca is at work.

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