A Soft Place To Land


Posted by Rebecca, December 12th, 2012

Last week, it finally happened, we got our playroom carpet!

Here’s the old, smelly, flat, beige one…

And our new cushy gray one!

There is always a cat photobombing my pictures. I’ve just accepted it at this point.

Anyway, I first have to admit that the true color of the carpet is hard to photograph. It often looks beige like the old one, but I promise you it’s gray. It goes quite well with the stripes and actually falls in between the two colors on the wall. It does have a slight brown undertone (the color is sugared bronze afterall), but it’s perfect because the paint does as well. The room definitely has a slight greige going to it, which we like because it goes with the entryway. It’s Mohawk’s SmartStrand Preston carpet in sugared bronze.

Our favorite part, other than the part that it’s a completely green carpet, is that it is so soft and cushy. I don’t mind that it’s the type of carpet that leaves vacuum marks because it’s so comfy for Easton. And us. We may or may not lay on the carpet all day now.

I didn’t properly white balance the camera before taking these pictures and I couldn’t manage to make the above picture less orange-y. Photoshop is not at all my speciality and the early sunset doesn’t help.

I picked up 2 gray felt storage baskets at Target last week to try to wrangle baby toys and add some style to the room. I love them, they add some texture yet are soft enough for Easton to reach in.

They are where we hide that puppy we both hate. Easton loves him more than anything (except maybe his snowman book), so I guess Puppy (his official name) can stay. First thing I do at night is throw Puppy in a basket. Usually he yells “Bye-Bye!” which just makes me hate him more.

The only other things in the room at the moment are a pack ‘n play and a jumperoo hidden behind the door.

I was cleaning off the shelves as I was taking these pictures, but then Easton started to wake up from his nap. I cut the cleaning short and just snapped some quick pictures.

The shelves and fan are going. We bought a light fixture a while ago, so we’ll move the fan upstairs. The rest of the room doesn’t have any concrete plans for now. We would like some built-in bookcases for storage, but we’re not in any rush.

Right now the open room makes someone very happy.

We spend most of our days in here now.

Easton’s favorite uses for his new playroom? Rolling from wall to wall and back again. Over and over…

Reading books…

And reading books to his puppy…

All in his pajamas. We clearly take most of our pictures in the morning…

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7 Responses to “A Soft Place To Land”

  1. Ashley says:

    Easton is getting so big… and cute (not that he hasn’t always been)

  2. Andrea says:

    We hated that puppy too! We called him “the very needy puppy.” Our son is 5 and we still joke about it.

  3. Gabbi says:

    Yay for new carpet!!! It looks great, and I love those baskets. I may or may not have bought them myself. 😉

  4. Yay! I love the new carpet! And there’s nothing like a soft plush carpet for laying/playing on the floor!

  5. Kim says:

    I love your striped walls! (we have navy stripes in the nursery) And I will need to find those baskets for toys – we are setting up a playroom in our basement after the holidays and I’ve been on the hunt for cute and practical toy storage!!

  6. Katie says:

    Just saw your comment on baby Garvin blog about red onesie. I bought my little girl a plain red one on the buy buy baby website! They have a bunch of different plain colors. Would think they would have them in the store also!

    • Rebecca says:

      Ah thank you!! I looked in there a few weeks ago but I didn’t see any. At this point I’d even take one with writing since only the neck and sleeves will be sticking out from his shirt. The Children’s Place has some online, that’s my next stop 🙂

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