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Posted by Michael, May 30th, 2012

Hey all!  While Rebecca continues to recover (holy swollen ankles, poor girl) and we begin to get into some routines for E, posting here might be light.  I’ve been trying to post daily pictures of Easton over at Macky&Co, so certainly check it out!

For a side, but not so much fun, note — the other night, our upstairs AC unit crapped out.  Fortunately, our downstairs unit remains cool.  It should be another day or two until the unit upstairs gets fixed.  We’re avoiding the upstairs like the plague.

And when it rains, it pours.  While Rebecca was breastfeeding the other night, we heard a huge BANG! and THUD!  come from our bedroom at 3am.  After running upstairs and nervously freaking out thinking someone broke in from the roof (for reals, I had 911 pre-dialed on my phone), I was able to realize that my side of the closet organizer collapsed.  Yes, collapsed.  I’m not sure how it happened or where the weakness began, but this thing took a tumble.  About half of the unit was evenly drilled into studs (more so than the recommendations in the manual, too) with the remaining as drywall anchors.  Not cool, every last screw was ripped from the wall.  So once the AC is repaired, I have a bit of cleaning up to do followed by reinstalling a new closet unit.  Fun.

Easton has been an absolute joy to be around, so we haven’t wasted much energy worrying about the above.  We’re only a week in with him and I can barely remember what life was like before him.  And it’s been incredibly awesome how great the cats have been.  They’re not stressed at all and are always trying to interact with him, too!

Guess Who? Easton!


Posted by Michael, May 27th, 2012

Guess who arrived on Wednesday May 23rd at 12:05pm! Easton Max did! After hours of labor for Rebecca, Easton decided to make his grand entrance into the world. He arrived 21 inches long and weighing 8lbs 8oz.

There is no back story to where we came up with the name Easton.  Rebecca mentioned it one day and it just made sense for us.  As for the middle name Max, well, Max was my first name choice before Rebecca mentioned Easton.  But after some trial runs saying Max out loud, Macky would always come running towards us with his ears back.  Poor guy kept thinking we were calling him, so we couldn’t confuse him by naming this kid Max.  After all, Macky is the only cat in the house that actually knows his name.

Rebecca and Easton are doing well.  We are all trying to get into routines and what not, so it might be some time before we really get back into posting.  We have some great nursery pictures and stories to share with you all, so stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, who thought boy all along?



Posted by Rebecca, May 14th, 2012

Tomorrow is my due date.


I honestly had no desire to take a 40 week picture . I haven’t worn jeans in 2 weeks and I’m trying to grow out my hair, so it’s in an awkward flipping stage. Therefore looking decent these days = extremely time consuming. I took this picture right after a nap and said eff it, I’m not straightening that weird flip in my hair that just never goes away.

Another funny story, we usually a take a bunch of these pictures but this time, we only took like 5. That’s why my arms are in a different position because I completely forgot how I normally pose. The important part is that my head is included in the picture, right?

Consider this series complete!

In my last picture post I said that I couldn’t imagine what a 40 week picture would look like. Holy protruding belly! Mike and I were laughing that I thought I was huge at 25 weeks, clearly I didn’t know what huge was.

We’re so close to being done with the nursery and I have so much I haven’t yet blogged about. I think I just need another day to organize then I can sit down and write some posts about everything we’ve done in the past week or so!

I think it’s safe to say, we’re feeling pretty ready at this point. Thank you for not coming early baby, these past 2 weeks have been so very necessary for my sanity. But come soon, okay?

Professional Maternity Photos


Posted by Rebecca, May 7th, 2012

A few weeks ago, Mike and I had some professional maternity pictures done. Way back when I used to think of being pregnant, I always wanted to have some photos of the two of us done to remember what it was like to have a giant belly. Then I got pregnant and felt less than glamorous, so I figured we could skip the maternity photos and just stick with our own monthly montage…

But then we met some friends of friends, Katie and Fred. Mike spent some time with Fred at our friend’s bachelor party this fall and found out he and his wife were just starting their photography business. After looking at their website, we decided to give this whole maternity photo session thing a shot. So we headed to a park the Saturday before Easter around sunset, where I froze my arse off and the wind was out of control, but they still managed to get some awesome shots.

We’re definitely planning on adding one or some of these to a gallery wall in the baby’s room. It’s crazy to think that these pictures were taken a month ago already (yeah I’m late with posting them). That shirt doesn’t even fit me comfortably now, since my stomach is defying gravity with how much it protrudes. Hopefully I can snap one last bump picture this week, if I ever make myself look decent enough to take one.

All images courtesy of S18 Photography. Go check out their blog, they do real estate photos too, which are always fun to look at. And they will be taking pictures of the baby when he/she comes, which will be more fun to look at than our awkward mugs 🙂

We Did It


Posted by Michael, April 18th, 2012

On Tuesday morning, Rebecca made about 8 million phone calls to various Babies R Us stores.  She started out calling New Jersey stores and working outwards.  In between calls, she’d vent to me about no one having it.  And I certainly didn’t help when I kept recommending different places to call — “call Maryland!” and “call South Carolina!” and “call China!”

Yeah, I’m the dramatic one in this relationship.

After a ton of calls, Rebecca finally got a hit; we finally found the glider!   She’ll tell you a bit more about the deets at a later time, but there was a floor model available at a store in my favorite part of New York City: Staten Island.  Better known as the place where I was born.

And here she is in all of her glory.  I wish I could have taken a wider shot of the room with the glider, but Rebecca had some stuff on the crib that screamed I AM THE GENDER OF THE BABY, so I had to be selective in my shots.

Despite being the floor model, it was in top shape.  There was a smudge on the ottoman, but as soon as we got home Rebecca was able to quickly clean it up.  God bless micro-suede.

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