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Recap By Number


Posted by Rebecca, May 24th, 2013

The past two or so weeks here have been a hectic whirlwind. So much to say, so little time. What’s the easiest way to tell you about the chaos without putting you to sleep or writing 20 posts? A little life by numbers summary!

1 first hair cut

first haircut

4 house guests for 4 days

easton and hadley

1 stomach bug for me

(sorry there’s no picture ;))

12 trees planted (7 right here)

backyard trees

65 birthday party guests

12 mason jars as centerpieces

75ish cupcakes made

0 pictures taken of party 🙁

5 garlands made

sewing garland

2 shoes muddied from family photoshoot

muddy toms

2 runny noses (Easton & Mike, no picture necessary)

1/2 of a countertop frame complete

bar top progress

2 heads in a hole at the Please Touch Museum

heads in a hole

7 bags of stuff donated to Goodwill (and one closet cleaned!)

2 walking legs

walking easton

1 one year old boy.

happy bday easton

Some of these topics deserve more detail (yes, I’m talking about you, 12 trees). We’re hoping to get some good weather over this 3 day weekend to work on our ongoing landscaping project, snap some pictures of the trees and get back to work on the outdoor kitchen. Also, I’m hoping to summarize Easton’s first year in photos and steal someone’s pictures of his party.

But yes, my baby turned one yesterday. Holy smokes.

Four Months


Posted by Rebecca, October 3rd, 2012

Last week, Easton turned four months old.

And he’s starting to look, and act, like a little boy.

This is the first photoshoot of his that I missed. We didn’t get a chance to take these over the weekend so Mike did them during the week. We were down one man to make the model giggle, so he’s quite serious this time around.

We switched to a long sleeved onesie this month because a) it’s more weather appropriate b) he outgrew the 3 month onesies he’d been wearing up until this point and c) I didn’t see a point in buying a short sleeved pack just for the sake of these pictures. Oh and that long sleeved onesie he’s wearing? 9 months. He skipped a size since I crammed him in the 3 month one for his last picture.

We also changed up the style of the text on the pictures. We were never consistent with the size and style of the text when we typed out the word “month”, so they all had to be redone anyway. I figured just the number was enough and easier to see when all of the pictures are side by side.

Back to Easton. Do you see that hair? The serious expressions? Don’t let those fool you, he is the happiest kid ever. He has recently developed a real giggle and it’s the cutest thing ever. It always comes out when you kiss his belly and more recently, when we fly him around like an airplane or he bounces in his Jumperoo. Total infant these days.

It’s not just giggles and fun he has developed, he has also become so affectionate. When he sees me he literally hugs me now– his little arm wraps around my neck and he squeezes tight. He also loves to slobber all over my face as kisses. Sometimes he combines the two and wraps his arms around my neck, pulls me in and proceeds to eat my face and giggle. God I love that kid.

It’s been such a big month for him maturity wise and until I saw these pictures, I had no clue how much he had grown.

He’s growing up so fast already and I forget what those skinny newborn legs were like.

Happy four months champ!

Three Months


Posted by Michael, August 29th, 2012

Whenever Rebecca and I talk about Easton milestones, it usually starts with, “seriously, how is this kid X months or Y weeks?”  So seriously, how is this kid 3 months already? It seems like just yesterday Rebecca was writing about E being two months.

Easton’s personality has really started to show.  He does this thing we call the “shy smile” where he’ll quickly smile at you and then turn away as if he’s being bashful.  He does it hardcore style when Rebecca comes home from work.  He even does this excited thing with his arms to go along with the “shy smile.”

Our little guy has definitely discovered his hands and fingers.  He loves to shove them into his mouth along with anything else he can get his hands on including toys and blankets.

Three months in and for the most part our fur-babies are mostly over Easton.  For the longest time, Diggy would come running to Easton’s aid whenever he cried.  But now, they barely raise their heads in concern.  I think they thought he’d be another warm body that feeds and plays with them.  Not yet my little fur-babies, not yet.  While they’re over the NEW! baby, they’re certainly not over Rebecca and I.  I still wake up with a cat sleeping on my head and a cat on my feet.  I swear these cats are more work than Easton!

Happy 3 months champ!

Just a heads up, I try to post daily pictures of Easton in our more family related blog, Macky&Company

Two Months


Posted by Rebecca, July 24th, 2012

I know, it seems like I just posted about Easton turning one month old. Because that post was late, I practically did! So I set out to make sure this one was a little more on time. Yesterday, Easton turned two months old.

Can I tell you how much I love this baby? He has so much personality and it’s just such a great one. He has so many great expressions…

Every morning now I wake up to that smile. He’s been waking up and just cooing until I wake up. When I make eye contact with him, I get the biggest smile. The coos, the smiles, the giggles (which sound like a hur-hur) are so much fun. Sometimes he goes on and on with his two favorite noises, the owl (who-who) and the iGoo. Mike and I often wonder how we got such a chatty kid when the two of us are pretty quiet.

He had his two month check up today and he weighed in at 15lbs and 24 inches. He is seriously 2 months old and weighs 15lbs already?? The man loves his milk 🙂

By Easton’s 3 month post, I will be back at work full-time. I cannot believe I have only 3 weeks left at home with him and I’m trying to soak them up. As much as I want to ease him into the transition, I also cannot resist the urge to cuddle and kiss him all day long while I can.

Happy 2 months bub-bub! Now stop growing up so fast…

One Month


Posted by Rebecca, July 2nd, 2012

Last week (yeah, we’re a little behind here), Easton turned one month old. Quite like how I took monthly pictures while pregnant, we decided to take monthly pictures of the bub bub. We knew we wanted him to wear something simple and classic, so we chose a white short-sleeved onesie. We also knew that we needed something for scale, so we placed him in a laundry basket. Originally, I wanted to do this series in black and white like my maternity shots, but Easton has these amazing blue eyes that I wanted to pop. So we went with a blue blanket and color pictures 🙂

Of course, I couldn’t choose just one picture of him from his mini-photo shoot to share.

Mike did a little monthly recap over at our family blog, Macky & Co, so I’ll spare you some of his monthly deets*. Mike’s also been posting daily pictures of Easton, since I can barely keep up with blogging here. Though I’ve threatened to take over Macky & Co when he falls behind or I have to send him pictures from my phone. You know, since I take like 20 pictures of Easton per day. No, I’m not obsessed…

In a nutshell, the first month has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone tells you to enjoy it and that it goes so fast, but that you’ll be too sleep deprived and stressed to realize it until it’s over. I think we’ve been soaking it all up with well, minimal stress. We’re very lucky in that we’re both home, so we can switch baby duty if we’re feeling tired or overwhelmed. But really, with the exception of some fussy and cluster feeding days here and there, having a baby has been….fun. And I’m not lying.

Easton started smiling this month and it was as great as everyone says. At one point, I was changing him in a tired daze at 5am, talking to him as usual but looking as his feet. I looked up at him after wrestling his feet back into his pajamas and he was staring at me with the world’s biggest smile on his face. It could have turned even the toughest person to mush.

Each week gets easier as he adjusts to life on the outside. We no longer have to burrito wrap him and walk around the house going pretending we’re a white noise machine to get him to sleep. He somehow figured out his days and nights and has been an excellent sleeper from day one, but is going for longer and longer stretches at night. He’s happy just hanging out with us while we eat dinner, whether sitting in his rock n’ play or on one of our laps.

We took these pictures last week (on his 1 month birthday) and he’s already grown so so much. He had a major growth spurt in the past 2 days or so, which I am certain of because he ate every 2 hours around the clock for a day. In the end, his 0-3 month Old Navy chevron pajamas no longer fit as of tonight. He grew a belly and some rolls around his wrists. This guy is growing like a weed.

Mike and I spend most of our days hanging out with him and we don’t get much done until he’s asleep for the night. We just enjoy being with him so much that our house is pretty filthy, we rarely cook real meals (tonight it was mac and cheese for the win) and we watch way too much HGTV and that American gypsy show. With both of us home, you’d think we’d be a little more productive than that, though Mike has been better than me and whipped up that window seat in the office 😉

But I don’t think our lack of productivity is something we’ll regret 5, 10 or 20 years from now. We’ll remember all of the time we were able to spend as the 3 of us, camped out on the couch all day.

Happy one month on the outside, bub bub!

*Yeah, I ended up sharing monthly deets anyway. I told you I’m obsessed 🙂

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