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Posted by Rebecca, November 18th, 2010

After our garage project this past weekend, our office seemed to become even more cluttered…

(I know my husband is cringing at the lighting in these photos, but it’s 10pm, I left the house at 7:30am and I clearly missed the opportunity to take pictures in natural light)

A good amount of the boxes in the garage belonged in the office.  Since we didn’t have a “true” office area until now, we held off on unpacking any of our supplies.

Apparently, when I’m away from the house for as many hours as I was today, the kids suffer. They must have been very excited to see me because they seized any photo bombing opportunity they could get their paws on…

“Hi Momma!”


Attempting to circle her birthday on my new calendar.

Due to the bad lighting in the office and the presence of photo bombers, I decided to take my party to the kitchen.  Hence the out of context pictures that are coming.

So Saturday, as we were cleaning the garage, we ran to Walmart to get some more garbage bags.  In passing I spotted these great desk organizers…

I picked up two of these, it’s hard to tell but they’re a dark purple color and have my current favorite pattern on the inside…

I also picked up an organizer with cute little compartments on the inside (which are removable)…

I have mentioned before that the lighting in my kitchen appears orangish in pictures.  So yeah, moving my new office organizers there wasn’t my brightest moment. Someday I’ll learn how to control for that.

Anywho, the moral of this story is that the next item we are tackling on our pre-Christmas list is #4: finish organizing the office! Hopefully we can do it in one day and the furry party crashers will be on their best behavior! 🙂

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8 Responses to “next on the list”

  1. It’s near impossible now to take any good pictures during the week, I definitely feel you there. Good luck organizing the office!

  2. The time change has KILLED my ability to take photos during the week! 🙁

    Also, I’ve been loving that pattern, too! I recently bought towels with it from HomeGoods and some pillow cases from Target.

    • Rebecca says:

      I know it’s so depressing! I attempted to take pictures of all of the leaves that fell, but I realized I would have to take them at 7:30 in the morning. I guess my outdoor pictures are done until the spring!

  3. Also, Dots constantly tries to photo bombs my blog pictures, haha.

  4. Digging the purple office supplies! i think they’ll look great against the dark table!!! and literally LMAO at the kitties photobombing escapade <3 maddie and the ferrets are up the same shenanigans… always!


    • Rebecca says:

      Seriously, we created our own spoiled little monsters. I wish I could get a picture of Macky’s snout in my lens, in focus. He does it all the time and assumes that we bring out the camera for him!

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