Dear Santa


Posted by Rebecca, December 2nd, 2010

Lil House has been a very good house this year, minus the whole our-hardwood-floors-downstairs-may-be-buckling thing.  But that’s okay (we hope), they’re under warranty.  If there was a Santa for homes, we’re pretty sure this is what our house would ask for.

1. Delta Pilar Touch 2O Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

I thought this faucet was the coolest thing ever before we even had the house, when that commercial came out with the song that was stuck in my head for, well, months.  Yooooour hands can do so many many thiiiings! Okay here it is…

YouTube Preview Image


But we imagined Macky would figure out how to turn it on and flood the house. Fast forward to when we have a house, move in, get a backsplash, pendant lights and…builder grade faucet.  We did pay the extra 50 bucks to have the builder install a faucet that requires only 2 holes.  So when the backsplash was done, we wanted to get a faucet that required 2 holes, was stainless, had a pull down sprayer and was sleek… no strange braiding or trim around the edges.  We went to Home Depot and I was immediately drawn to a particular faucet.  Little did I know it was this one.  THE FAUCET FROM MY FAVORITE COMMERCIAL!  We checked to see if it was made without the touch feature but it’s not.  It’s not even a big deal to us now, since Macky doesn’t go on our counters at all ::knock on wood:: I just love the way it looks and it fits the criteria!

2. Nail gun


No that’s not me, but I did a google image search and this picture was too appropriate to pass up.  But I do have dreams of installing molding and building things.  We got a circular saw for Christmas last year and now we just need a nail gun!

3. Dash & Albert area rug

Remember my area rug plea? Well one of you left this link in a comment…

Thank you melarse! I want!

4. A king sized mattress


Okay that’s the world’s largest mattress, but that’s what I would feel like if I had one.  It’s just something we keep putting off buying because well, mattresses aren’t cheap.

5. Large White Drum Pendant Light

This is the Large Finley Off-White Pendant light from Crate & Barrel. I’ve loved drum pendants forever, but never knew where to put one.  I think I want this for our entryway because, well, why not!

6. Tool bench/storage


As I mentioned earlier, we have a circular saw, but we have no where to use it! And there are tools scattered all over our house…

ps- You have no clue how tempted I was to use this image instead. Google image searches are fun 🙂


7. Some Apple Art

(all via)

Mike is an Apple fanatic (Macky’s full name is Macintosh….) He bought one of these posters years ago and I loved it.  And all along he thought I wouldn’t let him hang it up.  Psssh he forgets that I am the coolest wife ever 😉 It was the Lucy and Desi one and we had it framed, matted and hung in our old office.  We’d like to keep it and maybe add to the collection.  These are some of my favorite ones (so hard to choose!). Clockwise from top left, Jane Goodall, Ghandi, Jim Henson and John Lennon/Yoko Ono.  I love the Apple connection, but I also love the message. Thinking different is something we try to do everyday, almost to a fault. Plus we love these particular people.

8.  Snowblower (!!!)


This one is actually quite urgent and probably should have been first.  We’ll probably pick one of these bad boys up soon, though the price tag gives me the creeps.  Since we’re cheap, the last time we walked into Sears to check them out we left with a shovel.  A SHOVEL, not even two.  So if it snows tomorrow, only one of us can go dig out our long driveway.  We’re very smart.

9. Ikea Mongstad Mirror

I have wanted this mirror for years.  Many, many years.  We had no place for it in the condo, so when we got this house I knew I wanted it.  I still want it and I know exactly where it will go in our bedroom.  Plus it’s an affordable $99!  The problem? It doesn’t fit in our car. I’m sure Santa’s sleigh could accommodate.

10. Custom paintings from Dog House Pet Portraits


I have wanted one (okay 4) of these since I saw that the artist, Kristen, painted Dooce’s dogs.  How cute would Macky’s mug look on one of those? We would need 4 of them (Macky, Mowie, Darwin and of course, Sunny) so they would be way too pricey.  But if there is a Santa….


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24 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. Ok, so your house’s Christmas list awesome. Love love love that faucet, and we had lots of fun with our brad nailer and staple guns when we made our guest bed, so I know that a nail gun is on Robert’s wish list. I also love the rug, the pendant light, and the mirror but don’t really have a place for anything except the mirror. (Sad!) And I totally want to make some Apple art for my house now, we are total Apple fanatics (hilarious about Macky’s name, btw).

    The Elmo tool bench image is awesome, and your comments about the snowblower/shovel situation are hilarious. (I bet we’d have cheaped out and only gotten a shovel, too if we lived somewhere that has snow).

  2. I’m with you on the king sized mattress. When we got married, we had a full size at first, and moving from that up to a queen seemed huge. Now? I can’t keep a certain someone off my side of the bed (and here’s a hint – it’s not the cats).

    We’ve got a Sleep Number bed because of my back, and the problem with upgrading to the King Size is a huge price tag – something that we just don’t have right at the moment.

    • Rebecca says:

      We have a queen, but last year when we lived with Mike’s parents, we were downgraded to a full. Which wasn’t tooo bad, because we usually only had Macky at our feet. But now? Sometimes we have all 3 cats in the bed and Mowie in particular loves to lay on me. Awful! They usually stay away from Mike because he tosses and turns a lot, but even when I’m sleeping I subconsciously know they’re near me and I don’t move. Pretty soon I’m going to need a Sleep Number bed with the achy backs I wake up with!

      • We have both cats in bed….one lays at the foot of the bed (which is ideal), but the other must really like us, becuase he can’t just lay near us. He must lay on us. As in, if you lay on your side, he’s laying on TOP of your arm. Slepeing on your stomach? He’s sleeping on your back.

        Luckily, he only does that with Ashley because I toss and turn all night (like Mike it sounds like).

        And I couldn’t recommend the Sleep Number bed highly enough – for my horrible back and neck it’s been the best bed for my money.

      • Rebecca says:

        That’s what Mowie does to me! If I’m on my side she will balance herself on top of me!

  3. You are so good! My mom asked me the other day what Mike and I wanted for Christmas (she even said “Maybe something for the house?”) and I bumbled around like an incoherent idiot. Because I have no idea. Come one now, House Bella needs plenty of things, and I can’t think of a single one? What is wrong with me!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hmm tools? Fixtures? Small appliances? Last year my in-laws gave us a Lowe’s gift card since we hadn’t moved in yet and my parents got us a sewing machine and the circular saw. I just think it’s easier to get something for the house because a) we actually need these things and b) it’s what I love doing! I know some people don’t like getting vacuums and what not (which I got 2 years ago), but I have plenty of things for myself and don’t really need anything!

      Plus this came easy because we just always have things in the back of our mind that we want, I could probably update this on a daily basis 🙂

  4. I love that first faucet too, but it’s not what we got. And I died laughing over that toy construction bench!!!! 🙂

  5. michaela says:

    That area rug is awesome! I love the green color and pattern!

  6. Best. Freaking. Commercial! P and I are obsessed with it.. and that amazing faucet. the shower head they make is amazing too (and so is it’s commercial! how perfect!). want want want <3

  7. Kerry says:

    AWESOME wish list for your house. I always wondered about that faucet too, but after doing some research it has a self shut off… so it won’t run too long and waste water. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think the cat would be able to turn it on either – so you should be safe. I was more convinced about it once I did my research… maybe when we reno our kitchen! 😉

    Also LOVING the Jim Henson Apple poster in particular – very cool! Hope Santa’s reading! haha

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s good to hear! I was a little nervous because some of the Amazon reviews said it was super sensitive… I thought my dreams would be crushed! But Mike read about it a little further and said that most cases were “user error” 😉

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