House’s first Christmas tree


Posted by Rebecca, December 20th, 2010

Yesterday we finally assembled our first fake tree, our house’s first tree and our first tree as a married couple.  We decided to get a 9 foot tree and put it in our entryway.  I had my fears but so far, everything has worked out beyond wonderfully.

Once again, I’ll try to let the pictures (and Macky) tell the story of our new tree 🙂

The first smack

“OooH pretty lights!”

How gorgeous is he??

Not even decorated and already a preferred nap spot. +1 for fake tree!

My 4 year old beloved Target ornaments…

…Mixed with new Walmart aqua & green ornaments= new color scheme

Darwin modeling the tree while it’s in progress

Macky’s turn

Ornament tying assistant

My old tree topper, which is secured with a stick and a rubberband, since apparently fake trees have flimsy tops. -1 for fake tree!

Tada! I couldn’t fit the whole tree in a picture without opening the front door. It was cold.

A little staircase decoration

Simple, but I like it

View from the formal living room

View from above

View from below!

Tug of war

The tree won despite the fact that Macky’s nail got stuck in the ornament.  Says a lot for how I curled up each branch tip so the ornament wouldn’t come off!

Trying again.

Trying a new angle

Admiring momma’s hard work?

Surrendering.  For now.

I think I ended up putting nearly 200 ornaments on this big guy. I would have liked a wooden garland, since I love the star one I used on my fireplace. But since we decided to go with a large tree just this week, I couldn’t find any on the fly. I would love some dark wooden beads to make it a little more rustic.  For now, it’s simple, as my trees normally are, and we love it.  Cats included 🙂

Some tips for having a tree with cats around:

1. Make sure your tree is sturdy. We did a shake test before buying ours and the base may actually be heavier than that of a real tree.  Because of that, we didn’t feel like we had to tie it to the railing like we originally mentioned doing. We did put a rubber, no-slip mat under the base because we thought a towel would make the tree slide if they played under it.

2. Don’t buy an expensive tree skirt. I actually don’t like mine very much, but the cats think it’s a blanket. Anything you don’t want anyone sleeping on? Don’t buy it.

3. Watch out for dangers for little paws. I use the ornament ties instead of hooks and shatterproof ornaments.  I actually would have liked plastic ornaments just to be safe.  I want to make sure I don’t get any cut paws around here!

4. Don’t hang ornaments too low.  I’ve said this before and people automatically assume I have a half naked tree.  Scroll up for clarification. I don’t put any ornaments below the line of the first branches.  This is so that when the cats walk under it, they’re not walking into dangley things that they are going to be tempted to smack.

5. Secure your ornaments! This is perhaps the most important. With our real trees, I used to push the ornaments a few inches back on the branches, so they weren’t easily knocked off.  This year with our fake tree, the branches are bendable so after I put an ornament on, I curled up the tip of the branch so that the ornament couldn’t slide off.  This is why Macky couldn’t pull of that one ornament in the above picture 🙂

6. Use common sense.  This is like baby proofing. A tree that tips when something small walks into it? Bad.  Sharp objects? Bad. Tinsel? Bad on so many levels.

And see that? I think you can have a beautiful tree while having animals around. I followed all of my own rules and my tree doesn’t look so awful now does it? 😉

ps- if you have a real tree, make sure the kitties can’t drink the water or you don’t use any chemicals in the water if they can access it!

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10 Responses to “House’s first Christmas tree”

  1. Debbie McKim says:

    I like your tips! I learned quite a few of them myself after my first Christmas with ferrets. Of course, the lists for ferrets is a bit longer. 😀

  2. While we haven’t had a huge problem yet with our 2 little hairballs, they do like the cord for the Christmas tree lights. That’s where Bitter Apple spray has been absolutely wonderful. Harmless, but cats hate it because it tastes horrible. Any questions on the taste? Try it for yourself. Doesn’t hurt at all, but you won’t soon put it in your mouth again.

  3. Love the color scheme – especially that appley green and aqua together! Gorgeous tree!

  4. Debbie says:

    I love the colors of the ornaments!
    We aren’t doing a tree this year, but the first year we had the a tree suprisingly it wasn’t our cats we had to worry about last year. It was the dogs. They kept walking by and knocking down ornaments with their tails and then the ornaments would get kicked and/or stepped on by someone.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Debbie! I was very worried about the ornaments falling and being stepped on, but luckily they’re on the tree super tight thanks to my tree tip bending method. My husband used to have a large dog, I could only imagine what would happen if he made a quick turn around my entryway corner!

  5. I love your tree! And the pictures of Macky batting at the ornaments are awesome! Glad the branch-curling method is secure!

  6. These are great tips love =) i’m so freaking blessed that maddie and the ferrets haven’t attempted to wreak havoc on this new tree yet! Macky is just to freaking cute — you got some great shots of the ordeal =)

    night dahling!


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