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Posted by Rebecca, April 5th, 2012

My brain hurts today and my to-do list is massive. We have loads of things in the works for the nursery, but nothing is completed for after pictures and stories. So! A random post of what’s going on it is!

First there are the things we’ve sort of done, or rather, started…

1. Buy dresser

(via Ikea)

Two weekends ago we bought a Hemnes dresser from Ikea. Last weekend, Mike started putting it together and did everything but the drawers. I’ll also have to share how we decided on this dresser and my little email exchange with Ikea.

2. Buy mattress

(via Naturepedic)

We picked up a Naturepedic crib mattress since I wanted to give it a chance to air out before the baby comes.

3. Buy changing pad

(via Buy Buy Baby)

We also picked up a Naturepedic changing pad. Both the pad and the mattress were chosen for their non-toxic, safer, compositions. But they’re both still in their packaging at the moment.

In the very near future (like maybe this weekend), we plan to…

1. Stencil the closet

I have a polka dot stencil waiting to take over this closet! I know it won’t take me long, but my energy levels depend on the day. I think taking a break from painting for a couple of weeks should be sufficient 🙂

3. Install Allen + Roth closet system

(via Lowe’s)

We hope to pick this up this weekend so that whenever we’re ready to get it installed, we have it on hand. I went through all of the baby’s things and I’m itching to put it all away somewhere!

3. Install giraffe sconces

(via Macy’s)

Yes, our first nursery purchase is still in the plans! That is, as long as we think they would be okay with the dresser once that’s in position. Hopefully this weekend will tell and all of the electrical won’t be too tricky.

Then there are the things we need to do somewhere in the future….

1. Buy glider…the glider that STILL has not gone on sale. I’m losing my patience.

(via Babies R Us)

2. Make some curtains out of the 10 yards of chevron fabric we bought to complete either one of our color schemes…

3. Find a bookcase, which depends on how much space we have after all major pieces are in the room

4. Add some wall art! I admittedly don’t have any concrete plans for this. I have to see how everything looks, since the room gets smaller with each piece added. Then I can decide if I want to add a canvas, gallery wall, paper laterns… I’m not sure!

That’s not too much for 5 weeks, right? RIGHT?!?

::blows into paper bag::

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7 Responses to “Nursery Listing”

  1. I love all of your nursery choices! Cant wait to see it all come together! 🙂

  2. Ainhoa says:

    I can’t wait to hear about your email exchange with Ikea! (we have that same dresser).

  3. Robin says:

    I also have that dresser! Can’t wait to see everything, it looks so good already.

  4. I love the Hemnes line. It’s so classic looking!

    I love all the details you’ve put into the nursery. I can’t wait to see it all finished!

  5. Julia says:

    Every time I post, I’m a debbie downer, but just want to warn you that when I purchased my glider, it took 4-6 weeks to get one shown exactly as is on the floor, and 14-16 weeks for a color not shown in store…you may want to ask about that. I ended up ordering online from Target, because my baby was due in 2 weeks when I was ready to buy.
    I love that dresser, and we have the same matress…it’s great!


    • Rebecca says:

      The color we want is the in-stock one and the last time we were in store, it said it was available in 2 days! I’m willing to risk it to save $200 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    Just wondering what color grey the walls are and the closet color. Thanks!

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