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Posted by Rebecca, March 15th, 2011

I”ll just cut to the chase here, WE FINALLY HAVE OFFICE CHAIRS! Wooo!

Incase you’re new around here, we spotted these white Belisse chairs at Staples back in November (they’re not available online). We fell in love with the idea of white chairs after spotting some at Crate and Barrel. However, they were $999. No, Macky didn’t step on the ‘9’ key there…

We’ve had parson style chairs that were rejects from our dining room in the office up until this point. I thought maybe I’d reupholster them, until we got backaches and had no where to rest our arms. We realized that we needed chairs meant for an office, as badly as I wanted some chic stylish ones. After a little searching for affordable white chairs, we ended up paying just $99 each for these beauties!

I love them. I love that they are a nice bright white, I love that all of the “hard” parts are a nice shiny chrome, I love the modern lines, I love the comfort. And mostly, I love that when you peek into the office from our french doors, you see something less expected. They’re still traditional enough in that they are office chairs, but they add that ounce of modern that makes it look like 20 somethings work in here. They have wheels and armrests, but they’re not the standard CEO-style chair.

I’m a little concerned about them getting dirty, but we’re usually in socks and pajama pants within 5 minutes of getting home, so I imagine some leather wipes will keep them tidy. Though they’re not real leather, so no cows were injured in the designing of this office 🙂

My second fabric sample should be arriving tomorrow. Once that decision is made, I can order fabric for curtains to bring some more white into the room. But for now, our white bookends have some crisp friends to keep them company.

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16 Responses to “A Place to Rest My…”

  1. Cait @ Hernando House says:

    Hooray!! I am in love with those chairs!

  2. Joon says:

    omg… those chairs… are amazing. I’m so excited for you to have snagged them at such a steal!!! I might need one for my office! (only my dog would protest since we share an ottoman as a seat!)

  3. Wow, those chairs are great! It defineately looks like a swanky 20’something advertising office where trendy hipsters come up with ideas to change the world!

    And quite a nice price as well!

  4. Your office is really coming together! Love the chairs, love the price tag!

  5. Anna says:

    Love the chairs and the bookends?! Can I just come work in your office and not stress any more about making my cloffice functional? Haha! Can’t wait to see the additions you are bound to make!

  6. Janis from Scotland says:

    Absolutely love the white chairs with the shiny chrome and they will be easy to keep clean. The beauty of white is that you can then change the room’s accessories for minimum cost.

  7. Will says:

    Hi, you’re office is beautiful. I actually found your site because we’re looking at these chairs for our new office space. They’re listed at $179.99 in the store. How’d you get them for $99 if I might ask?



    • Rebecca says:

      Hey Will! When we first spotted the chairs they were $129.99 on sale, but we waited too long and they shot back up to $179.99. We just happened to get lucky months later when we checked to see if they were still there and they were just $99! We bought them immediately, knowing the price could shoot back up. I’d say just check every week or so because they do indeed go on sale with no coupons necessary!

  8. Monica says:

    Love the chairs. But do they come in another color but white?
    And where did you find them for $99.00?

    • Rebecca says:

      I have only seen them in white and we just got lucky… they were on sale when we walked in! I’d keep an eye on them, we almost bought them for $129.99 when we thought that was the lowest they went.

  9. Shirley Liechty says:

    Hi, Rebecca!

    Guess I am confused…did you get those chairs at Staples then for only $99? or did you get them at Crate and Barrel? My sister has this chair (she sent me you link) because she knows I loved hers (which she got at Staples). Right now they are $189 there, but if I can get one for $99 that’s what I’d like to do, of course! THANKS SO MUCH!

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes, we got them at Staples for $99! They just happened to go on sale! We had seen them for $129 and we were hoping they’d go that low again, but we got even luckier and just walked in and they were $99!

  10. Danny Broyhill says:

    We just picked up the same chair for $112. last one on the floor and no booklet. Can you tell me what the + or – controller does.. We can’t seem to feel any difference when we adjust it… Thanks Danny & Barb

  11. Petra says:

    Hi Danny, if you’re still around, I can tell you what it does, since I’ve been trying out this chair just today. It tightens up the seat tilt mechanism, which makes it easier or harder to lean the seat back (I almost fell over backwards in the one in the store since it was adjusted so loosely, and turning that knob fixed that 🙂

  12. Cathy says:

    The Belisse chair is now $85.50!!! Thank you for posting ~ I nabbed one for my office!

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