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some wine on the house


Posted by Rebecca, November 23rd, 2010

This is a partial view our dining room…

You will be seeing some more of this room in the next few days since Mike and I are hosting Thanksgiving! Yay!

This particular wall is home to our Ikea Vurm wine racks.  Each side has two wine racks, holding 4 bottles each.  We have had these wine racks for years- we had 3 of them in a line in our condo dining room.  We knew they were definitely something we wanted to keep around, but since we have a larger space we decided to buy a fourth rack.

They are quite empty tonight, it’s been a rough few weeks okay! 😉 So before the holidays we are going to replenish.  I love going to the liquor store… no for the reason you would think… but because of this pretty label…

And this one…

And doesn’t this just sound like a party?

Yes, I choose wines based on their labels.  I also judge books by their covers. I’m sure a somewhere a connoisseur is cringing, but I like to think of them as art or conversation pieces.  My current favorite?

Is that our house??

I love it.  Not just the simplicity of the label, but that you come to our house and you get…. house wine.  Get it? Okay it’s a little lame… but it’s cute and I’m tempted to buy a case.

Maybe with just a slight revision…


*Update: House Wine is apparently made by Magnificent Wine and they have a bunch of fabulous other labels! Table wine is a goody as well!*

thanksgiving prep


Posted by Rebecca, November 10th, 2010

On Friday we had some friends from college over (Hi Lindsey and Jon!).  They brought us these cute little birch votive holders from Crate and Barrel…

Which go so nicely with my little Crate and Barrel pumpkin-scape

My favorite part of these candles is that they’re stitched up the back, corset style…

I put the candles with the pumpkins, which are all still on my buffet since I tried setting the table on Halloween and Macky highly disapproved.

And by disapproved, I mean he rolled all over my clean table cloth then proceeded to knock coasters off the table. He also apparently tried to carry the mini pumpkins off the table, as evidenced by this bite mark I just noticed in one of the pictures…

You know the book/movie Marley & Me? I think I better start writing Macky & Me.

Okay enough with being photo detective and back to my fall table! We have some place mats and I recently picked up a brown table cloth, but I would like a runner.  Our dining room chairs are shades of browns and blues, so anything too holiday themed isn’t going to compliment the room.  Which is probably good, because I’m not into typical holiday colored things.  So I was excited to see this runner that I could use year round and also goes with my little pumpkin/candle accessories…

It’s the Eastleigh Green-Teal Runner from Crate and Barrel.  My only problem with this is a) aren’t there enough things from Crate and Barrel in there?  I know I love the place, but I’m looking borderline obsessed and b) it’s pricey considering I’d probably need the largest size with both extensions in my table.  So chances are, I’m going to pass on the C&B runner, but I figured I’d share it until I find an alternative 🙂

ps- please excuse the lighting in these pictures… the dramatic lighting in the dining room doesn’t make for the best photo ops!

happy halloweenie


Posted by Rebecca, October 31st, 2010

I didn’t plan on decorating the inside of our house for any holidays other than Christmas (see our outside fall decor here), but when I spotted these pumpkins at Crate and Barrel I had to have them.

I bought one of the medium sized ones and two of the mini sized ones.  I planned to use them make a whole centerpiece arrangement on our table for our first Thanksgiving.  Then we decided to do an impromptu Halloween gathering Saturday with both of our families, so I figured I’d put them out early.  Problem was, I didn’t have the rest of my table scape ready!  I ran to Target to find the runner I wanted but they were out, so I decided to just stick the pumpkins on our Ikea Stornas buffet for the day.

Then I remembered that we had some tiny pumpkins from the farm I could mix in…

If I only had this blog to document the Ikea dining room furniture fiasco back in April.  Someday I will have to go back and cover the dining room stuff we already have!

At like 11pm on Friday night I decided to make chocolate covered pretzels.  Mike thought I was crazy, but I love decorating…and decorating things I can eat?? even better! So I set out to do the pretzels on my own, but Mike ended up enjoying the process and helped out.  Maybe even dominated the pretzel game…

We started getting creative along the way and decided to smash up some of the halloween candy we bought…

So now we still have more than two full bags of halloween candy, leftover pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, pumpkin roll, pumpkin cake, chocolate covered animal crackers that my mom bought and some chocolate covered pretzels left.  The next kid to ring the doorbell gets a piece of cake….

Happy Halloween everyone!

i see a pattern here…

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Posted by Rebecca, September 26th, 2010

Because I don’t like the combination of taupe and white or anything. I couldn’t have matched this better if I tried. But the tissues won’t be going in my dining room….

sneak peek: dining room

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Posted by Rebecca, September 17th, 2010

It’s getting there!

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